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Please stop answering and commenting on old posts. It's been noticed many users are answering on 2014-2017 posts repeatedly, as it spoils the home page. Users logging in want to view fresh content, not old posts. Mods and admins will hide all answers/comments on old posts from now on.

Additionally, stop making repetitive posts on Sanjay dutt and his stardom in the 90s vs others. I am sure its not such an effort to go to BOI and know about his box office statistics. Such posts will be hidden instantly from now on.

- Team Its Box Office.
in Site related by Mega Star (226k points)

And if anybody wants to answer on old posts, atleast pick them from the unanswered list. The ones that are worth answering. Than picking the ones who has already chosen a best answer.


So can we make posts on sanjay dutt's stardom in the 1980s??


Any of these posts are not allowed. And you have been told time and again not to make repetitive posts. If you're that interested in knowing his box office clout, kindly login to BOI and know it for yourself. Henceforth any such posts comparing Sanjay to XYZ will be hidden immediately.


@romelow8 you can if such post has not made already. In this case, posts already exist that is why Intense is asking you to not make repetitive post.

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Okay boss!!! Whatever you say!!

by Art Director (2.9k points)
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Why not?!
If someone has the Information worth Sharing Let them answer/comment.
But answering /commenting old posting for the sake of points or out of boredom spamming should be restricted,that's MODs work i suppose :).

by Executive Producer (68.1k points)

We have no issues with sharing new info/innovative info ixbsh. But if someone keeps spamming the same content in different ways, then mods and admins step in.

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