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Megastar Salman Khan to step in as cop played by Upendra Limaye in Mulshi Pattern remake starring Aayush Sharma in the lead.

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Salman reprises Upendra’s role, while Aayush plays the gang leader (and the main lead around whom the film revolves). It’s a powerful supporting role played by Salman and the catalyst through which finally Aayush is caught
“He is already bulking up for it with Salman and taking a keen interest in his workout regime. The director will have workshops for the cast to get into the flavour and language of the region they are shooting in. Aayush will be seen in a completely different, more rustic avatar than he has been seen in and his role will have grey shades as he plays a ruthless gangster who is willing to do whatever it takes for money and power. His character is rude and arrogant but the simplicity of his emotions make him vulnerable too. People will love Aayush in the movie."
It’s a cat-and-mouse chase for the gangster and the cop as the latter plans various methods of nabbing the former and is finally successful.

SRK was first offered for this role anyway, it's a hard watch for me to see Salman chasing Superstar Ayush, getting unsuccessful time and again.
It may shape up Ayush's character but will hurt the ego of India's biggest Superstar's hardcore fans.
A South Superstar will no way play a supporting role,A loser anyway Bhai is valuing His family members more here, i will see the original and if anyway this character is loosing anywhere against that gangster I may not see the hindi version ever.
And if Salman has 20mins+ role then boi will add it in his filmography so get ready for 3cr Opening day.

by Executive Producer (66.1k points)
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If shelve D3 was an honest request then one thing. It was part of the negative campaign started by Reshma. Why bend your knee over that? Just when Simmba ran riot & Sooryavanshi, Singhams are all set to make big bangs? Dabangg was the one to start it, doesn't make sense to not have hopes on it.

Dabangg 3 from business perspective was the right decision to be made. It needed to be a better film is a different thing. But 2019 was the right time to come, sadly other stuffs made it even harder for it to survive. The same people who bashed Dabangg 3 for glorifying police violence will not utter it for Sooryavanshi.

I have no issues with fans wanting best from Salman or best for Salman. That is what fans are for. It is only when family is dragged & humiliated is wrong. None of the fans can be Salman's family. Simple.

Sajid-Wajid, well he has hopes on them. When as general audience we gave up on Sajid-Wajid, they came back good with Devi (Tutak Tutak Tutiya). D3 as an album wasn't good but still had a superb composition in the form of Awara. The talent is still there. Just that they aren't succeeding in composing for the entire film.

Vishal Mishra did very well with Notebook & also Kabir Singh. Can't crucify him just for Race 3.


@Roman FYI


Actually Many requested honestly too, looking at the quality of 2nd part and minds behind it's 3rd part, it's outdated look.
D3 was lacking the same thing which made Simba interesting for that matter next SOORYAVANSHI, they needed to reinvent it.


@Roman nah pretty sure who paid for it. Because the same gang were requesting for Ready 2.

The point is making Dabangg 3 at the time when Simmba was blasting through the box office was the correct decision. Making sequels isn't easy. Singham Returns is not a sequel for that matter. It's just unrelated to Singham 1.

Dabangg - Relationship drama with masala action set in a village focusing on Chulbul Pandey.
Dabangg 2 - Relationship drama with masala action set in a bigger city focusing on Chulbul Pandey
Dabangg 3 - Relationship drama with masala action focusing on Chulbul Pandey's life before & after.

The template was right. It was the execution that faltered.

Singham - Masala action focusing on Bajirao Singham's life in a village & then being transferred to a bigger city. Ofcourse remake fo Singam.
Singham Returns - erase Singham. Remake Pratibandh. Bigger city, just continue with Singham character & let audience associate themselves with previous part.

Simmba - remake of Temper. Fit into Shetty cop universe. Make Singham a father figure to Simmba. If Singham is Tony Stark then Simmba is his Peter Parker.

Sooryavanshi - whichever film's remake it's going to be.

You see the grandeur here. I see the fall of stories. Dabangg franchise didn't capitalize on grandeur. But they remained true to the world of Chulbul, that tone was kept same even though the character arc got messed up. Shetty Cop Universe don't have a tone. Sooryavanshi might well has been Singham 3, instead they made into a standalone film. Made Akki's character designation as task force guy & just like that, giving the character a larger scope for bigger action ergo grandeur.

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Easy 300 cr for Salman..Bring it on

by Production Accountant (23.8k points)
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Just to make sure people like Aayush in the movie, Salman will muddle up his own career? The gangster role will be more powerful and SK will play second fiddle, I dont think anyone wants to see India's biggest superstar doing that.

by Mega Star (225k points)

Well, it is to give mileage to one of his protege. They don't like him casting any of his proteges in his own films, let him appear supporting them in one of their films instead.


@suhas it is an open secret that zaheer, sooraj, ayush and daisy are there in kekd.


@God Father that would bother me the least. I've watched Hero & Loveyatri first day first show. Notebook was the night show. If KEKD were to not star Salman but all of these faces & SKF was the producer, I would still be watching it first day first show. For me Sooraj is proper lead material. Aayush has screen presence & also needs effort to be presented as lead (which means other prominent faces shouldn't be cast opposite him yet or his character should be written much stronger), only Zaheer & Daisy don't look good as lead actors which can be made up for. Simple.

This would come down to the fact, I would be the last person to be even slightly bothered if they:re cast. I support them not coz SKF believes them, I support them coz I did check out their films & know for sure who is capable & who is not.