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Bunty Aur Babli without Kajra Re is grossly incomplete. 


P.S. - Yes, you are right. Made this post just to share the Kajra Re video. 

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Omg just look at her, she's just flawless, how can one be this sexy and beautiful at the same time lol


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Nobody cares about bunty aur babli 2 first of all as it does not have any male star in it!!! So whether they remix kajra re or not does not matter as nobody is gonna watch the movie itself. It will fold under 50 crores and will be a below average fare at best. Most probably it will be a flop. At that time Amitabh was huge thats why the movie took such a brilliant opening and did so well at the box office. If this movie has someone like ajay devgn in an extended appearance then maybe the movie can work at the box office otherwise it has no chance!!!

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I wish sanjay dutt was also in the film




Sanjay Dutt's biggest fan on the forum.

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