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Sanjay dutt was very good in terms of big initials in the 1990s but in terms of big grossers he was just decent. His big grossers were thanedaar, saajan , sadak,adharm,yalgaar,kshatriya,khalnayak,sahibaan,gumraah,aatish and haseena man jayegi!! He had 2 blockbusters in saajan and khalnayak where he was the main lead and 2 super hits in sadak and thanedaar.

Bumper/Excellent openers year wise


Saajan - bumper

Sadak - excellent


adharm - excellent

1993 -

Kshatriya - bumper (record )

Khalnayak - bumper ( record)

Gumraah - bumper


Aatish - bumper

Amaanat - excellent

1995 -

Andolan - bumper


Daud - excellent

So he has around 9 excellent openers (85-90% plus) and around 6 bumper openers which is equivalent only to amitabh bachchan and sunny deol who are one the top 3 stars of the 1990s decade!! But sanjay dutt has 1 more excellent openers than amitabh so he will be ahead of amitabh in the top 3 rankings of the 1990s decade!!!
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Sanjay Dutt was a star amongst the masses and had BO success. He came back with Daud which a good opener. Daag: The Fire was his first Hit since coming back from his jail and I think opener was decent for this film.

90s had great music from Baba.

This one from Haseena Maan Jayegi is an example. That too had good opener.


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Yeah sorry daud was a good opener. So he has around 9 excellent openers!!


Sanjay Dutt rocks !!!

Lucky Kabootar (music)


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