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How big was amitabh in the 1990s?

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If we go by the criteria of boi then amitabh will be the the third biggest star of the 1990s!!
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Early 90s, he still had his stardom intact though phasing out. With nothing new to provide & emergence of new talent, just led to the collapse in the market. I wouldn't rank him in top 3 for sure. The fall was quite evident. The restlessness for a comeback showed mostly. The huge losses, forced him to accept Major Saab. Otherwise he would have stuck to Lal Baadshah, Kohram & Sooryavansham for few more years. That transition to supporting role happened because he had no choice after losing market all over.


So will you put him in the top 3 in the 1990s?


No. I said the same above too.

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Amitabh Was Very Good in terms of Big Hits (in 70s Decade)
Amitabh was Very Good in in Terms of Initials & Big Hits. BOTH (in 80s Decade) (Top Star of 80s & An Actor with Initial + Big Grosser always Rule the Industry Other Example SRK in 2000s & Salman in 2010s)
But He is Good Only in Initials Not Big Grossers (in 90s Decade) ->
Year : 1990
Aaja Ka Arjun (90% / Bumper + Record Opener)
Agneepath (85-90% / Excellent)
Year : 1991
Hum (90% / Bumper + Record Opener) / RETIRE
Akayla (85-90% / Excellent)
Indrajeet (80-85% / Good)
Ajooba (80-85% / Good)
Year : 1992
Khuda Gawah (90% / Bumper + Record Opener)
Year : 1994
Insaniyat (90% / Bumper + Record Opener) / 4 Years Late Release Movie.
OVERALL Whenever He Has Release Between 1990-94 (5 Years) He Has 1 RO per Year, Ye RECORD shyd he kisi ke paas ho.
After Comeback in 1997 ->
Year : 1997
Mrityudata (80% / Good)
Year : 1998
BMCM (90% / Bumper + Record Opener)
Major Saab (80% / Good)
Year : 1999
HKK (90% / Bumper + Record Opener)
Kohram (80% / Good)
Soorayavansham & Laal Badshah (Both are Poor Opener)
5 RECORD only in 1990s (HIGHEST)

by Casting Director (17.6k points)
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Sanjay dutt also had 6 bumper openers in saajan,kshatriya,khalnayak,gumraah,aatish and andolan!!!

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Amitabh Bachchan's flaws started occurring in 1988 & 1989 with Flops barring Shahenshah which was a Hit. However, he still had stardom and evidence is shown in terms of Record Opener & Bumper Opener. Even Agneepath was a Flop but had a Bumper Opener and was the fourth highest-grossing movie below Aaj Ka Arjun (Record Opener) Followed by that, Hum was a Hit and Record Opener. His craze and stardom was there but after he came out retirement he suffered a lot. ABCL was in debt and Bachchan had to pay back the money that he owed which forced him to bad films like Mrityudaata, Lal Baadshah, Kohram, other movies which all tanked at the Box Office. Bade Miyan Chote Miyan was a Bumper Opener but Bachchan's marketing value was had faded. It was part of the reason why he started to do character roles in the 00s but he was also bankrupt at that time. That's when Yash Chopra whom he wasn't on terms with gave him a role in Mohbabatein.

As far as top three goes, I would say the early 90s but as mentioned, he suffered due to his production company ABCL.

by Assistant Director (43.9k points)

So where will you put him in the rankings in the 1990s?

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