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Sunday Rewind: 'Salman is the number 1 hero in Bollywood' - Siddique, director of Bodyguard.

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You have done so many films in Malayalam and Tamil, how did a Bollywood film happen to you? I have been getting lots of offers from the Bollywood film industry but I was not comfortable with the people who approached me and the subject that I was offered. My friend Nirupa Menon, who is also a close friend of Alvira Khan (Salman Khan's sister), kept urging me to make a Hindi film but I kept making excuses. When I wrote the story of Bodyguard, I told her I had got a subject for a Hindi film but first I will make it in Malayalam with Dileep and Nayantara. I put a clause that if Salman is ready to do this film, then I will direct my first Hindi film. Nirupa and Atul Agnihotri (Alvira's husband) saw the Malayalam movie before it was released, liked it very much and asked for a copy with subtitles to show Salman Khan. Salman called from Nirupa's mobile and said, 'this is a very good movie and I will do it but you have to direct the film.' That is Salman, he is always direct he had no discussion, nothing, he just decided at that moment.

Why did you ask for Salman Khan in this film? In those days, I did not know much about Bollywood films and actors. I knew about Salman but I did not know that he, Alvira and Atul Agnihotri are related. I just knew that this character was perfect for Salman.

Did Salman throw any tantrums during the shooting or were there any time issues? Salman has his own timings and he will come sharp at his timings. If he says he will come at 11, he will be there sharp at 11. He tells us in advance and we can plan accordingly. There were no misunderstandings. I am very happy working with him. He is very jovial person, but above all, he is very passionate, he is hardworking he is always thinking about the character that he is playing and the subject of the film, about how he can better his character, about how he will make a difference from other movies. It is very good if an artist is like that, I am happy about all this.

What changes did you make in the script for the Hindi version? Dileep, who played the main role in the Malayalam version, is known as a comedy hero, so the character was developed to suit that. In Tamil, Vijay, a superstar in Tamil films, is known as a romantic hero, so I made his character as per his image. Salman is a macho hero and the number one star in Bollywood so I had to maintain that stardom. One major change I made was that in both Malayalam and Tamil the hero is a college dropout and rejoins college to give protection to the heroine. Salman is not a student, he is a bodyguard by profession, and comes to the college in that capacity. He is a very dedicated bodyguard, serious and straightforward and will never deviate from his duty, and the interesting part is that such a character falls in love, and that is a change from both the Tamil and Malayalam versions.

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It's like saying the sun gives light

by Producer (113k points)
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this guy is the 2nd biggest salman khan fan in the world after atul agnihotri

by Super-star (198k points)

Actually no.

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Sallu tab bhi no 1 tha sallu aaj bhi no 1 hai

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First movie itni kaamiyab hui to phir kabhi Bollywood main kaam kyun nahi kiya?

by Editor (81.9k points)

He's too well established in Malayalam film industry to search for an opportunity in Bollywood. He has only failed with his Telugu debut as a director & understandable why he didn't try again. He has given bigger hits in Tamil yet chose Malayalam film industry. This is how most people prioritize.

Even Bodyguard, it was the third time he was directing the same story. Quite evident, he only trusts the script written by himself & will not say yes to scripts written by others. In his 34 year long career, not once he has directed a film not written by him. And you know his worth when you see he is the co-writer+co-director of Ramji Rao Speaking, which is the original of the cult Hera Pheri.

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