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Guess who? Superstar asked for major changes and missed out on a big project.

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After an A-lister, who was in advanced talks to star in a film by a top commercial director, left the project at the eleventh hour, the filmmaker approached a superstar to step in. Very reliable sources say the superstar displayed the same behaviour that had cost him another major project only months ago.

The superstar in question asked for the film’s title to be changed. He also said the script needed to be altered in a way that only three other actors would play his siblings and not six, as in the director’s draft of the script. He insisted that he would pick the other three actors. One would be his brother-in-law, a small-time actor, the other two were actors he’d launched and who’d been unequivocally rejected by the audience in their respective previous films.

The director was not excited by the superstar’s demands. He also wanted to have a say in the music. The final straw, however, came when the film’s producer, a top filmmaker himself, called in one of the younger actors that the superstar had recommended, for a screen test. The cocky fellow asked the producer for a script before he was ready to commit to the film. That was it. The producer and the director decided there was no way they were going to put up with the tantrums of the superstar…and his posse of B-listers. They decided they’d rather not make the movie with him than make a version of the movie that was severely compromised.

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1st A lister that rejected the film - Hrithik

Superstar is Salman
Brother in law - Aayush
other 2 - Sooraj, can't think of 2nd actor

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Is it cameo actor Srk?

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