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Another cop to enter Salman's universe. Megastar to play a Sikh cop & Aayush Sharma a gangster.

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no worries... just make 3 movies a year.....any 3....

by Super-star (198k points)
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Not less than two for me


...more the merrier ....

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For all those SRK did wrong, atleast all selections had some promise, even JHMS had potential of being a flop great film.

All these next Salman ventures are looking doa from the start itself.

by All Time best! (268k points)
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another cop role. d3, radhe and now this gangster drama.
lets hope kick 2 doesn't see the light of the day as devi lal singh is also a cop

on top of that, ayush will be the villain . sallu will easily overshadow him means game over

the man whose last movie was a disaster is directing this one.

sajid-wajid and daisy, where are you?

by Assistant Director (42.7k points)

Daisy sadly will be busy with Bulbul Marriage Hall now that Sunil Grover has replaced Ali Fazal opposite her.

Music directors will be a new bunch if Tanishk Bagchi is too busy. JAM8 is anyways there.

Don't think Aayush will ever get to play villain, let alone opposite Salman Khan. Bhai is old school, more than the film itself, he knows casting Aayush was villain will affect Aayush's own career. Basic criteria, be it Bollywood or any Indian regional industry.


congo. ayush in this one + sooraj, ayush, daisy and zaheer in kekd.

you said (few days back) that this time he is taking his time. he will carefully select a project.

wow. another cop role (3 in a row, that too after an iconic cop character has been outright rejected), ayush (no career, rejected by public) and abhiraj (made a mediocre ly).

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Salman is hell bent on messing his career. Kekd and now this.

by Mega Star (225k points)
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Bring it on..300 cr will be done easily

by Production Accountant (23.8k points)
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O bhai kya hogaya hai? Kitne cop roles karoge? Isse acha ke Rakesh Sharma biopic hi kar dete.

by Editor (81.9k points)

Shi pkde ho..


salman cant flex his muscles in a space suit he rejected the film

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Thank You Salman Khan

by Casting Director (17.6k points)
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Maybe its a reboot of Garv- pride and honour with Ayush playing the role of Zafar shupari and salman reprising the role of sikh cop played by legendary vindoo daara singh

by Location Manager (5.3k points)
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He rejected Rakesh sharma biopic, Kaithi remake for this one
Kept Rohit Shetty on hold, kuch sahi nahi ja raha. Bolna nahi chahiye but aisa lag raha that he is doing it intentionally it to ruin it for himself?? Itna koi selfless kaise ho sakta hai
Focus On Your Things Guys.. Don't take these things so seriously, He's happy with 100cr disasters because his big name is generating 100's of crores profit.
It was ok when he said Jai ho and Tubelights aren't flops they did 100crs
Then he defended crap Race3 and Dabangg 3 calling them hit.
Meri to 100cr wali film flop hai, i wish sabko aisi flop mile.
Bhai aaj kal regional flop movies bhi 100cr karti hai.
Everyone is disappointed but Salman only cares about making careers of his family members.
Family outing for a multiplex costs 5K nowadays, why any neutral will give such disaster looking movies any chance.
Do charity outside your movies bro, we can still watch this but your goodwill will be damaged very badly.

by Executive Producer (66.2k points)
  1. Rakesh Sharma Biopic with Salman will be a dud. His own fans will not support it once it releases. They would treat it the same way they did Tubelight. I don't understand why this is even considered? Anjum Rajabali was my mentor in the film making course, I know his work. No way Salman can fit into this project, getting stripped off the megastar image.
  2. Kaithi remake is still a news. Nothing official. Since it is a movie that can be shot quickly, one hoped for him to do.
  3. Where is the Rohit Shetty film? Only because he agreed to prepone Sooryavanshi led to the rumors. Does anybody want Satte Pe Satta remake with Salman? How can even one think SPS is relevant story for now?

SPS doesn't look interesting, so do all Salman movies since Tiger.
Looks like he has no ambition anymore to prove, all superstars have become Overfriendly, so no competition, he just wants to do more and more movies, shaping career of Ayush/Zaheer/Ayush/Daisys.
I have no problem if these berojgaar yojna happens in a good movie , Salman has always worked with his family even in his dream phase 2010-15, but nobody had any problem because those were good looking movies at least before release with Chartbustser music album but we get only Flop album nowadays due to berozgaar yojna
In all those movies Salman was presented grandly like a Megastar, now he looks totally uninterested (Race3) and if he tries hard then the premise holds him back like Dabangg3 (outdated), Bharat/Tubelight (Out of comfort zone)
From D3-Radhe-KEKD to this Cop movie all looks dull on paper, don't generate any excitement at all.
Now we can only enjoy him onscreen, no reason to hope anything.
You are lying if you are satisfied with all his upcoming releases.


The stardom is still huge but he's not using it well. Why not make Kick 2, Tiger3, work with Rohit Shetty? He's going along the same way as SRK. Messing up himself instead of letting anyone else do it.