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Puri Jagannadh welcomes Ananya Panday to the pan Indian film Fighter starring Vijay Devarakonda.

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Nah don't trust puri now although he is high on confidence after ismart shankar but don't see him making even a decent movie let alone pan india movie

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Dharma's backing means nothing if the content doesn't click


Ah well the backing of Dharma means it'll get a proper Pan India treatment in terms of release.


Puri is good director puri ni pokiri buisenesman jaisi hit movies di hai entertainer hoti hai movies bor nahi hoti thoda risk to hai because vijay ki back to back 3 movies flop hui hai


Good luck....

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Vijay in shorts is looking ready to take on Ananya ...

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Hopefully typical story na ho. Ke boxer hai, pehle bohat kaamiyab, phir ladki milti hai, phir peak pe aata hai, phir downfall. Phir exercising montage and comeback.

BTW agar Bollywood main entry karni thi to Kabir Singh hi kar leta.

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Not the downfall part but Puri has already made two films with sports playing major plot - "Thammudu" & "Amma Nanna O Tamila Ammayi". Both had kick boxing in it. Thammudu copied Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar, changing cycling into Kick boxing. Amma Nanna O Tamila Ammayi took it forward adding dad-mom-step mom-step sister sentiment along with ofcourse kick boxing. He does recycle certain stories, don't think it will be the case here.

And Puri's film titles are of a different thing, although he tries hard to choose the titles complimenting the story.

  1. Thammudu - A good for nothing brother (try to remember everything about JJWS), raising up to the occasion, replacing his injured brother, to take part in the competition & win. Btw Thammudu in Telugu literally means Brother (younger brother to be exact).
  2. Badri - well it's the name of the hero in the movie. But the movie is about heroine finding hero's love to be not sincere & challenging him that he would never find any girl loving him as sincerely as she does. The Hindi remake which Puri himself directed starring Tusshar Kapoor was titled Shart: The Challenge. Well that just was the core plot point of the movie.
  3. Shart: The Challenge - read above.
  4. Itlu Shravani Subramanyam - translates to With Regards, Shravani Subramanyam. Like a letter signed off by the lead characters. Afterall it is their story, two stranger souls planning to commit suicide & finding each other. Well don't know what one thinks of Anjaana Anjaani though starring Ranbir-Priyanka. They did copy nicely.

I can go on naming all his films though I just chose his initial 4 movies to show he did work on the titles. But eventually he gave up.

Btw, the title of the film is still not finalised. while Fighter is the tentative title, recently reports said it was titled LIGER. (lion+tiger = Liger). All they have revealed is this is gonna be a martial arts film & asusual Ananya will play that eye candy heroine who just exists for songs & comedy scenes or to be tormented by the villain or the hero. the hero or the villain. the villain - the comedian - the hero. the villain - the villain's henchmen - the comedian - the hero. the villain - the villain's henchmen - the comedian - the hero - the hero's friends. The villain - the villain's henchmen - the comedian - the hero - the hero's friends - that corrupt sleazy cop. You get the gist. If you didn't get the gist then try remembering Wanted. You've seen what's the purpose of Puri's heroine/heroines in all his films.