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Good Newwz will finish with a final worldwide total of 304 crore with a strong performancr in India and Overseas. There were two markets which stood out as they set records for 2019 and they were East Punjab and United Kingdom. the film was the third best in Overseas for 2019 after War and Bharat.



The film was the top grosser of 2019 in United Kingdom with numbers close to £1 million as it edged past the numbers of Kalank and Bharat. The film was also number one in East Punjab for 2019 with collections of 26.94 crore nett beating the 25.74 crore nett of Kabir Singh. Another notable performance was in USA / Canada, it may not have been the top grosser of 2019 but it crossed $5 million which is a huge number and easily beat Mission managal by close to $1.5 million which was the top Akshay Kumar film in US / Canada. the lower collections came in Gujarat, Maharashtra and Bihar but that is expected due to the the content of the film. Rajasthan and CI were still decent probably due to teh Akshay Kumar factor.   The worldwide figures of Good Newwz are as follows. 



India Nett - 1,96,31,00,000


India Gross - 2,29,42,00,000



UK - £995,000


US / Canada - $5,043,000


Gulf - $1,710,000


Australia - A$1,544,000


Rest Of The World - $1,250,000


TOTAL - $10,510,000 (INR - 74,88,00,000)



WORLDWIDE TOTAL - 3,04,30,00,000

Source Link: https://boxofficeindia.com/report-details.php?articleid=5936
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Okay thats some feat. Everyone here thought that this would be a crap but it turned out to be one of the best of the last year. A big slap on everyone face who said so. Records are waiting to tumble for Sooryavanshi and Prithviraj.

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one man industry and king of north

by Casting Director (16.6k points)
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Home or away, Akshay rocking everywhere.

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Nice collection, but misses the 200 cr mark..


which one is home and which one is away?


Depends on perspective............how you wish to look at it. :D

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Best year for Akki after 2012... Peaking at the last stage of his career and achieving heights he has never before
This year could be bigger and if he manages to beat The Salman Khan on Eid that'll be his biggest victory till date and the industry perception and domination of Megastar will tremble if that happens
Anyway Diljit is majorly behind it's stupendous sucess in East Punjab and Delhi and in the Punjabi dominated overseas countries as well.
He has proven he's still the no1 in Punjab.

by Executive Producer (66.5k points)

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