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Hulk brought back the Infinity Stones

In Endgame, we can see the Infinity Gauntlet's power painfully burn through Hulk's arm just from him putting it on, to the point that he has to put his arm in a sling for the rest of the movie. He said it emitted the same gamma radiation that made him, so why would Tony Stark, an unenhanced and severely injured human being with no superpowers whatsoever, not sustain a similar if not greater amount of damage than the man the Gauntlet was "made for?" By all rights just being in the same room as it should have killed him.

My theory is that the Hulk didn't just bring everyone back, he also restored the stones. Earlier in the film, the Ancient One tells Bruce that the stones cause the flow of time, and removing even a single one will have disastrous effects on the timeline. This news definitely set off alarm bells in his mind, since he comes from a timeline where all six have been destroyed. This is most likely the reason why he was so insistent about being the one to snap. He's the only one she told this extra info to, so he knew nobody else would know to bring them back. He immediately says that it should be him, even over Ant-Man's suggestion to discuss it first. He denies Thor's demand to do it(even though he survived being blasted with energy from a sun, the vacuum of space, etc.) despite being arguably worse suited for the task. Heck, the gamma radiation comment could have just been a lie to scare anyone else from doing it.

In addition, Thanos seems to have taken much more damage from destroying the stones than he did from the original snap. He only scorches the Gauntlet for the first snap, and seems mostly fine. Hulk would have probably experienced something similar if undoing the snap was the only thing he did. After the second use however, Thanos is left with a shriveled, scorched arm and burns on the side of his neck, which happen to be much more consistent with the injuries Hulk sustained. It can be assumed then that destroying the stones requires the same amount of energy as bringing them back.

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Yes, Hulk Restore All The Infinity Stones Before Thanos Gets Killed and even after Thanos got killed. There is a twist which will be revealed in the next part.

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