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Top 10 male stars of hindi cinema ( january 2020)

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1. Akshay kumar 2. Salman khan 3. Hrithik roshan 4. Srk 5. Ranveer singh 6. Tiger shroff 7. Ajay devgn 8. Ayushman khurana 9. Aamir khan 10.  Varun dhawan
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Amir on 9th sopt is se bada joke kya hoga aur akshay no 1sopt ye dusra sabse bada joke hai aur 2/3 sal salman ko koi replace nhi kar sakta local kitni bhi bhage expres nabi banti vaise hi aksahy kitni bhi hit de slllu srk aur amir nahi ban sakta


Just because it doesn't suit your ranking doesn't mean you can run away from the reality. Akshay Kumar has grown up by leaps and bounds and is the only consistent performer since 2016. It is certainly not his fault if others aren't able to maintain their track record.
He does around 8-10 movies in the next 2-3 years, therefore your statement as Salman Khan CANNOT be replaced is totally wrong.
He is not in the race of becoming of Khans, but he'll surely register his name in the history with a lot of successful movies (the highest among his contemporaries) and hits (the highest as well).

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Only 10 actors in top 10?

by Producer (113k points)
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Why sanjay dutt is not here?

by Location Scout (3.8k points)

Sanjay-dutt lost his stardom in 2013 itself!!


But I thought sanjay dutt was a megastar. And this list is about most popular male stars. So I believe millions of fans of sanjay dutt just like you. According to me he never lost stardom and his next movie will have bumper opening


Matlab kuch bhi!! I never said that sanjay was a megastar!! Maybe you have become shocked after seeing aamir Khan's ranking lol!!!!


I am not shocked as I don't care about his ranking. Sanjay dutt >>>>>>>>aamir khan.

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