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Hope I Recover Fast After Watching This Mental Tourture Film. Pray For Me.....:x

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Here's your antidote. Watch this after Love Aaj Kal & you'll be healed. .


Lol, I actually like jhms. Was a one time watch. Not as bad as most found it..

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BOI will have reasons to celebrate.

Poor Kartik. Achi khaasi hit streak chal rahi thi.

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Well Kartik Aaryan will learn not to read his films reviews now..

"Kartik Aaryan squints well, and if only that were the requirements of a good actor, he'd be one. His various hairstyles perform better than him, his facial hair grows more and in a more defined way than the two characters he is essaying. But without a monologue and misogyny, he is out of depth. What can Kartik do?"

"Before we get to know Leena (Arushi Sharma) and Zoe (Sara Ali Khan) of Love Aaj Kal 2020, we see them yelling at two men played by Kartik Aaryan. That in itself is a warning bell: Aaryan barely has the skill to pull off even one character who does not look and sound entirely like Aaryan, so imagine the error of stretching him to play two men within the same film."

"Mr Aaryan, on the other hand, is even worse than this script. Perhaps realising his acting limitations late in the day, at one point Ali gives Raghu a beard planted very carefully and precisely on the rim of his jaw and prosthetics to chubby up his face, hence distinguishing him from the scruffy, thin-looking Veer."

"Kartik Aaryan's ineptitude is glaring in a role tailor-made for Ranbir Kapoor. Where he needs to look lovelorn, he appears psychotic. When he needs to exude charm, he turns a twit."

Ofcourse the silver lining is Ranbir haters will be happy,
"Let’s just say that Zoe (Sara Ali Khan) is what you get if the Joker wiped off his face paint to reveal that he’s actually a millennial girl torn between love and career. She is an agent of chaos, and by far one of the most sociopathic romantic leads I’ve seen on screen – a little like the Ranbir Kapoor man-child hero but…oh, so that’s what it feels like."


Even I'll be watching it today. Sadly.

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man those are some harsh words.... but i like it.. only Ranvir Singh is likable among these new loggerheads..

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It was on the cards. None of these young guys has it in him to be a major force like the previous generation.

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Since Rockstar, Imitaz didn't realise he had better talents to pull of those characters - Ranbir, Alia, Deepika, Randeep, Srk & Anushka yet all of these films failed at the box office. You gave a nothing story to Srk & Anushka yet expected them to carry the film. If you had learnt that lesson, you definitely wouldn't be entrusting that responsibility to Sara & Kartik.

No matter the bad reviews these two get for their performance, they're newcomers & just like Sdk-Anushka or Ranbir-Deepika, these two too completely surrendered to Imtiaz Ali thinking he has given them a classic. But be it Ranbir or Deepika, they had previously worked with Imtiaz to be that comfy & efficient in Tamasha. Ofcourse to sound negative for Ranbir, the role he played in Tamasha, he had played it so many times, literally there was no other actor who could ace it the way he did.

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feel bad for imitiaz
going form working with one of the best actors in the world in ranbir who compensates his weak scripts with his acting to working with a non actor one dimensional person like kartik who can only play a role of a woman basher

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One of the best in the world......................................pass me your brand of weed please


prince ranbir studied acting from the same place where di niro studied it
and it shows


Carry on. Your comments are way more entertaining than Ranbir's movies.

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