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Permanent Ban.

He shouldn't have crossed the limit in attacking people in the name of religion. He was given every chance possible with his Tom Cruise account. He didn't utilize them so the ban.

Baazigar account will remain as permanent Ban. It is a lesson for everybody who wants to act nasty with useless religious propaganda.


Ban hata lo bhai log purana aur regular banda hai.....


Achcha insaan hona bhi zaroori hai sir.

2 Answers

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Tauji has found emplyement in the IT cell of the lotus party . Why disturb him ?(o)

by Location Manager (5.3k points)

CHARLIE SOR this is not good...everyone from this forum is against him excluding Me.
He is also human,, I want admin to unbanned him.

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He will stay banned. And I believe this has already been explained numerous times

by Mega Star (226k points)

Banned ka bhi koi limit hota hai 1 months 2 months ???


It's a permanent ban. His fake account wont be allowed either

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