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India have been whitewashed after 31 years. What a shambolic series. Kohli is finished, both as captain and batsman. Bhumrah is a pale shadow of himself post injury, the likes of Thakur are bowling cherry pies like school kids,

2020 could be our worst year ever, this team wont make the semi finals of the world cup unless Rohit is appointed captain across all formats asap.
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Records Says At All -

Since Worldcup 2019 -

Centuries In ODIs - (Innings In Brackets)

Rohit Sharma - 7 (17)
Virat Kohli - 2 (20)

Average -

Rohit Sharma - 69.06
Virat Kohli - 56.88

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Kohli is massively overrated. In fact, he stopped rohit's entry in test cricket because of insecurity. Or else Rohit would have scored over 7000 test runs by now. Yeah no one times the ball better than Rohit I agree, seam or swing or bounce or anything....rohit reminds me of Clive Lloyd


I Am Never Seen Clive Lioyd To Bat But Rohit Is Unmatchable. God Gifted Talent Is A Bad Word Because He Is Doing A Very Big Hardwork With This Bad Politics.

Yes Kohli And Shastri Doing Politics And Keep Rohit Out Of Cricket Otherwise Rohit Is Near To Break Sachin 100 centuries Rolecords.


Kohli is finished bro. Dont worry. Rohit will be leading in Aus at the end of the year.


I Don't Think So Because Politics Not Allowed That. Kohli And Shastri Is Big C****a.

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Abhi bhi jinx karra hai kya?
Just 1-2 series without a good scores and he is finished and should stop playing lol. Its laughable how you put things without even knowing much about the game. He is someone who scores century in every 5 matches which is undone by anyone for such a long time. Its very very rare to see him not score a century in 9 innings, I think this was only the 2nd or 3rd time. Coming to his captaincy than he earned it and made India such a force that we can expect to win a series against anyone, anywhere and in any format. Rohit might be a better captain but right now Kohli is the 1st captain and will remain so atleast till 23 WC.
Further, India lost because we didn't play our best cricket and if we play our best than we can beat any team in the world.

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Sandeep, he has a recurring issue with leg spin now, cannot play quality swing bowling either, as he is ageing, his powers are on the wane, earlier he was decent yes.

India wins only because Rohit helps him with tactics, in tests also, its rahane and pujara helping him or else he cannot win anything. Kohli is done this wc, forget 2023.


He always had those problems you mentioned or these the problems every batter in the world will have. Every players have their weaknesses and so does Kohli. Even Sachin use to struggle with good quality bowling. Its all about whether its your day or not, if its your then your technique will be enough to tackle any kind of bowling but if its not then even a fulltoss will get you out. Kohli has been so good that he gets affected so less compared than his contemporaries. The dry phase which he is going through for the 1st or 2nd time has been experienced by others so many times throughout their careers. You talking about Rohit then I think you are aware about the fact that its just the last 2-3 years when he is playing so good and hence everyone is stating this as his peak but Kohli has been at the peak since 2014-13 when Rohit was even struggling for his spot in the team.
And if you think that Rohit, Rahane, Pujara helping Kohli as a captain then don't you think its a good thing? Aren't they suppose to do this when they are a team?
And about this series I already said that its one of the rare series where India has not played even the half of their best. Moreover, if NZ didn't have Bolt, Ferguson and Henry then India too is short of Rohit, Dhawan, Pandeya and Bhuwneshwar. So calm down and learn to accept the defeats, our team will bounce back soon when they will give their best.


Rohit doesn't need help from anyone. He's a tactical genius, hence the 4 ipl titles he's won single handedly for MI. He's also won the Ausa cup and Nidhidhas trophy on his own without any help. Kohli's been a decent batter, but I am yet to see a worse captain than him.

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India will never excel in sports . vegetarianism is keeping the testesterone levels down since forever ...and also due to the spiritual beliefs , the society is keeping a ban on some food(s) thereby making itself physically weak and malnutritioned by denying the poor people an abundant and economical protein option to eat .

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hahaha....Charlie salam o alaikum....kya haal hai?


walekumsalam bhai..sab changa si ..alright hai apan(highfive)


haha....good to know that (handshake)

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Difference between NZ and India in this tour so far.

NZ can say that they could've won T20 series 3-2.
India cannot say that they could've won ODI series 2-1 or 3-0.
Beaten comprehensively all three times.

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We've been smashed. Bhumrah is looking listless. Kohli...I'm afraid his best is over. I hope gill is being groomed now for the future.

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Actually KOHLI is Panauti...
Iske Captaincy me Koi Cup nahi jitne wala India :D

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Kohli shouldnt be playing also. He is past his prime. Gill ko groom karo ab

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Ravi Shastri Hatao Indian Cricket bachao

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BCCI need to sack Kohli first, he is a monster who has engulfed everyone, thanks to him we lost the under 19 wc too.

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Kohli is finished after just 1 series loss? And bumrah will be in good form once he gets his rhythm back. Even last year I think kohli averaged nearly 60. His captaincy might be questionable but as a batsman he is one of the best

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The way he is getting out...........signs of a scrambled mind. I do not seeing him playing t20 cricket beyond this year.

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Wait for the next series

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