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Rate & rank all the trailers of Baaghi franchise. Go ahead do the same for all Tiger Shroff starrers too.

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Tiger Shroff starrers in general,

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Baaghi Franchise
Baaghi 3
Baaghi2 3.5

Baaghi3 2.5*

Whole Career
War>Baaghi2>Baaghi>Heropanti>Baaghi3>Studentsoftheyear2>Munna Michael>Flying Jatt

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none of them should be watched by a sane human being especially a heart patient or anyone over 50.

btw, war is a hrithik roshan movie.

by Assistant Director (42.7k points)

How exactly would you define an elevation scene?
I mean what kind of mannerisms or bgm you see for a scene to be called as "elevation scene".

Mind you War had proper hand to hand combat rather then Baaghi 2 and now 3 style of one man army stuff, how do you add masssssss into pepper h2h sequences?


@SL To say, all of it felt meh because of lack of elevation. It was just one action scene after another monotonously. You gotta sell the action scene before it takes place, for you to care for it, want it. War lacked it with every action scene it had. Right from Tiger's entry, it just was random. That was somehow taken care off in the next action scene where Hrithik is captured but it wasn't aptly utilized. The least you want is for the action set pieces to be explosive (don't misread as blasting stuff). Lack of elevation led to lack of excitement. That is why the whole climax hand to hand combat was just boring. Sell it the right way, to match the hype. Casting Hrithik & Tiger itself was the hype, you can't make a monotonous routine action film with them.

That was my main problem with War. Not the script per se. How they've shown it. You already cast two actors who have generated all the interest, couldn't you just add enough to the presentation to care for what's happening on the screen? It's a shame when you sit & watch the proceedings without caring a bit. You got to make the audience anticipate & deliver. Not directly deliver, messing all the impact.

Hand to hand combat.. as an audience I should care. I should care for the punches. So make me. Not simply force me to watch two actors landing blows. If I were to care for Hrithik's character, the proper elevation will make me want him to punch. I as an audience want to feel it. Not barely watch it like it doesn't matter. This is where you require elevation. Flat narrative will not help in anyway. Baaghi ones definitely have the same problem with elevation & execution, it's either too much or too little, never the right quantity. So never gets the right impact.


And what exactly is elevation per se?
I mean just take an example of war, what exact thing the director could've done or added for a scene to become hero elevation?

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Tiger Shroff Start His Career On A Big Bang....

Blockbuster -

  1. War - 2,30,00,000
  2. Baaghi 3 - 2,00,00,000 (If All Goes Well)
  3. Baaghi 2 - 1,73,45,000

Hit -

  1. Baaghi - 95,38,000
  2. Heropanti - 68,97,000

Just 8 Release If We Consider Baaghi 3 In It. Than 3 Blockbuster And 5 Hit Films Out Of 8 Movies Is A Fantastic Start Of Career.

  • Consider Baaghi 3 Is A Blockbuster. I Know Box Office Is Unpredictable But Hope For The Positive.
by Assistant Director (52.1k points)
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None except for War.

by Mega Star (225k points)
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Great going TS...................

by Casting Director (18.7k points)