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  1. Varsham [2004] registered as Prabhas career's first blockbuster. It made Trisha Krishnan an over night sensation among Telugu audience. A successful star in Tamil cinema, it is Varsham that got her the attention.
  2. Kshanam [2017] was the small budget content HIT in Telugu which was remade as a big commercial film with Baaghi 2.
  3. Vettai [2012] a clear box office HIT, much needed HIT for Madhavan in Tamil cinema even though it was Arya who was the driving force as he played the macho hero while Maddy played the scared elder brother who lands a police job & requires Arya to solve all his problems.
Baaghi franchise is that clever ventures that survive through semi-remake formula, where the core plot is from one film [preferably south Indian] while the action set pieces will be taken from a Foreign film, making it larger than life, giving it's lead action star all the opportunity to shine.
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It has worked all through these years and I don't see this formula failing this time.
Sajid will get another Big Hit, though the content will astonishe the makers of original

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Like the makers of Varsham & Kshanam, the makers of Vettai have given up hope the moment they took the signed cheque for the remake rights.

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