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I'm enjoying Salman's early movies nowadays.Yesterday,I was made to cry like a baby watching Baghban.
This night will be a comedy

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For the first time everyone in the trade underestimating a Salman starrer, no one wants to place bet on Radhe, it's not even in their top 5 Hgoty.
Not want to be negative but can't trust Farhad, for one no one likes salman's proteges, it's his duty to boost their career though, in a good project I had no issues but this project looks highly risky already.
I don't think Salman Bhai will able to give a hit in near future and there was a time anything below Blockbuster status was considered to be Underperformer.
It's all about perception, he's the numero uno but not unchallenged anymore.
He created Eid just like Bollywood is trying to create a lucrative date out of New year and 1st week of Jan but everyone attributed his success to Eid which is all hoax.
He has achieved everything, he's a Megastar, among the All time greats.
I wish he doesn't get vanished like this and forced to retire.
Instead he could retire gracefully or make transition willingly like Dr Rajkumaar not like Rajesh Khanna/Amitabh/Dharmendra.
I hope Radhe proves to be another Wanted for him.

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Did you just name Salman on the lines of Dr. Rajkumar?

Dr. Rajkumar's family took over after many trying to cheat. Plus it was conscious decision to only star in home production & 1 film an year to give other actors a chance to succeed.

Speaking about Radhe, ego project aside, it will be exactly like Wanted. Prabhudheva will not be trying for anything different. From the characterization to the very own making will be similar to Wanted. To piss off Boney Kapoor, don't see Salman Khan backing out.


Just for the comparison only
Dr. Rajkumar dominated all his lifetime in the industry unlike Amitabh/Rajesh/Dharmendra , they were rejected after a point.
I just hope Salman don't face that situation though domination of Dr. Rajkumar saheb was at another level but I want him to retire without being outdated and rejected year after year.


Yes, looking at the teaser, I have vibes of wanted from radhe. It will be a big hit, wait and watch.

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Welcome to Being Human Rozgaar Yojana.

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Well if the sources have to be believed, obvious of Salman to push his proteges. Why wouldn't he? Afterall it is Salman Khan Films responsibility to do so.

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I had said this when this movie was announced. I dont get good vibes here. Why is Salman hell bent on ruining his stardom?

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So he has decided to end it early himself rather than the age taking over great than
Btw Salman khan is providing more rojgaar than GOI

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inme se ek ko bhi liya toh im not watching this movie.. cant take his shit anymore :)

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@Suhas one thing I must admire about you that you are good at defending sallu's silliest mistakes, but you can't change the end result.

milap can't even make a decent movie. leave everything, his basics are incorrect. furthermore, his (sallu) recent movies and upcoming 2-3 movies indicate otherwise.

hf4 was a sajid khan's movie, his story and brand of humor (though the basic idea was given by nadiadwala). we all are aware of the capabilities of farhad as a director (watch entertainment and hf3). also kekd is a family-action movie, not a comedy movie (farhad's strong zone).

everybody incl yrf are well aware of the fact that only khans and hrithik can give them big numbers at box office, atleast for next 3-4 years. lets not give the credit of padmaavat, sanju and simmba to ranveer and ranbir, we all know who are the real driving force behind them.


@God Father Not the mistakes. I wouldn't defend Race 3 or Dabangg 3 final product. Can only talk about what could have been.

Milap isn't the talk of discussion here. And when you are talking about box office numbers, the subjective matter i.e. good content v bad content, takes a back seat. A 100cr film doesn't mean it's a good film right.

Bharat wasn't a bad movie. Signing it was never a bad decision. Just that casting Salman means you also have to cater to the megastardom. Although it wasn't a blunder like Tubelight, stripping Salman off his image entirely. Between Race 3, Bharat & Dabangg 3, good atleast he signed Bharat. Dabangg 3 was again a vanity project, the character any day deserved better. But saying Dabangg 3 itself is a mistake is exaggerating, it's his most successful/loved character, deserved another film. They just couldn't provide a better one.

Coming to YRF... Nobody thinks that. They're the bosses and actors are the employee they hire. The Khans and Roshans have outgrown this and are on a commanding position for 2 decades now. These production houses have milked them for the core and so don't see the necessity in continuing the same. They want actors whom they have control over not the other way around. Production houses make/break stars. Period.

Let SLB score big without Ranveer now. He found his muse in him & Deepika so 3 back to back films earned big - Ram Leela, Bajirao Mastani & Padmaavat. He won't be the same with the Alia Bhatt film and he is also coming with it to prove it to Salman Khan as well as the industry that he can deliver big.

Simmba can be applauded for Ajay's entry in the climax and Akshay during end credits. But you had to sit through an entire film watching Ranveer as Simmba. The driving force - one original south scripts, two - Rohit Shetty... these two get equal credit too. Ajay's Singham gave the boost but doesn't mean Ranveer doesn't get any credit at all. This was his first massy blockbuster. The one Ranbir is yet to achieve.

Farhad's strong zone is comedy. The 3-4 action set pieces to be inserted to make it an action-comedy wouldn't be much of a trouble for him. Not a newbie right. And he is extremely old school.


slb has nothing to prove, though his next is bound to underperform due to its subject. his next post that will bring him back in the business.

apparently, kekd is a family drama with lots of action and a few gags here and there.


@God Father Let them bring it on. Sajid Nadiadwala if not official remakes, will always get inspired while writing his scripts. Lai Bhaari was still to similar to Rowdy Rathore-esque gazillion films that were released before that. Eager to see how they want to present Salman Khan this decade, Radhe well will only try to copy Wanted image frame to frame with Prabhudeva not even spending a second to think beyond.

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It's perfect example how a megastar destory his own career.

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he is trying to build their careers but in the process he will bring an end to his stardom. those 3 are failures and thats a fact.(clap)

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Which part of "supporting cast also drives a movie quality" he doesn't understand?
Quality of movie having good supporting characters played by good supporting cast improve the overall movie experience, created better movie engagement and improved the quality.

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Still hearsay. Even if it's true, as per the source, it is meant to be small roles. Totally fine, afterall they're his proteges and he has to ensure a success to them.

Consdering the bad remake of Hero didn't do any justice to Sooraj, bad script of Loveyatri too impacted Aayush negatively but worse was these two films clubbed with Race 3 performance badly impacted a better film Notebook. So SKF owes it to them.

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