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Karan johar has just announced that takht will release on 24.12.21. Do you think anyone will come on his fav new year weekend?

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It should be fun if someone announces for that date.

But with Avatar 2 around, understandable why one would hesitate. Also surprising KJo is taking on Avatar 2 with his directorial. Guess he is confident after all the script re-works.

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Given that Avatar 2 is already releasing on 16th Dec, I don't think anyone would take that chance, especially because the only one who releases his movies on New Year Weekend is Karan himself. No one else has done that yet.

As for Kick 2, that is not officially announced, Nadiadwala did say it in an interview, but I don't think Kick 2 will be ready for 2021.

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avatar is not a big brand in asian markets. also alot has changed in last 1 decade. lets see if cameron can surprise the world, once more.

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Kick 2 will b that movie just wait nd watch kick 2 will release on xmas 2021

by Unit Manager (37.1k points)

agree. tubelight did 400 cr. race 3 did 300cr. bharat was all time grosser. dabangg 3 was highest grosser of 2019. radhe will be the biggest hit of 2020. tiger 3 will break baahubali 2 record. kick 2 will come on xmas 2021 while kekd might win an oscar.


Teri kyun jalti hai Salman se sab nazar ata hai kitna desperate hai tu Salman ko le k but Yeah decade b Salman domonate kreyga Keep spit venom

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