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Housefull 4 Is Historic On Satellite - BOI

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Housefull 4 is a huge BLOCKBUSTER on satellite as it sees first two screenings which are second only to Bahubali - .The Conclusion. That film cumalated around 4.70 crore impressions in the first two viewings while Housefull 4 has 3.50 crore. These are HISTORIC numbers and best ever for an outright Hindi film edging past Bajrangi Bhaijaan.  It is way ahead of the other big blocbusters on televsion like Judwaa 2, Golmaal Again, Tiger Zinda Hai, Baaghi 2, 2.0 (hindi) and Total Dhamaal. All these films have around 2.50 crore impressions barring Golmaal Again which had 3.25 crore apprx. The film is set for a long run on satellite after its strong box office run. The second screening of the film at around 1.32 crore is not far off the first screening of many BLOCKBUSTER films. In fact the second screening would beat all the releases of last year barring Total Dhamaal, 2.0 (Hindi) and Kesari.



The film was much maligned on release by the trade an media but not only did it sustain very well at the box office it is now getting the sort of audiences on television that very few films have in the past consolidating the auience verdict. its hows how clueless the trade and media is about what will will appeal to the public and what will not and if the content is there which public will like then no amount of negativity can stop the public from consuming. Below are the figures for first two screenings of the blockbuster films on television in the recent past. The number is the impressions which is basically the number of television sets which viewed the film.



Housefull 4

1st - 2,15,42,000


2nd - 1,32,26,000


TOTAL -  3,47,68,000



Judwaa 2

1st - 1,52,66,000


2nd - 92,78,000


TOTAL -  2,45,44,000



Golmaal Again

1st - 1,63,52,000


2nd - 1,58,71,000


TOTAL - 3,22,23,000



Tiger Zinda Hai

1st - 1,37,04,000


2nd - 1,03,96,000


TOTAL - 2,41,00,000



Baaghi 2

1st - 1,61,45,000


2nd - 90,84,000


TOTAL - 2,52,29,000



Total Dhamaal

1st - 1,67,93,000


2nd - 84,58,000


TOTAL - 2,52,51,000




1st - 1,65,13,000


2nd - 80,37,000


TOTAL - 2,45,50,000

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success didn't come easy to akshay .... he made 9 back to back content accepted movies in 2,3 years and earned the goodwill....

if 9 was not already a huge number... he made them in such a quick succession to make it even better is the time to reap the benefits..... and postpone retirement

by Super-star (198k points)
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Tru dat.

9 aside, the short period is the biggest achievement.

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So HS4 will be biggest movie of 2019, unless War can also do wonders on TV.

by Editor (81.9k points)
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Everything about HF4 is historic.

by Mega Star (225k points)


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