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Yrf 50th anniversary; new movies announcement. your expectations and why?

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movies with the two khans,

 tiger 3,

 dhoom 4,

 war 2,

new movies,

 new franchises
in Box Office Discussions by Assistant Director (42.8k points)

Transgender plot is the USP of Laxmmi Bomb. Without that the movie is nothing. The whole story is about the transgender & her foster family being murdered & how all of their spirits come back to get justice for their murders. The film's core emotional angle is in that flashback & pre-climax. Ofcourse the climax is about the villain hiding inside a temple & the possessed hero appealing to God to help take justice & not protect the baddie. God eventually obliging & making an exception to allow spirit enter the temple. In short, I am just waiting to see how audience react. The film will work but I want to see how well it does. .

Radhe will be Wantedesque complete actioner. Prabhudeva inserting comedy is the scary part. With Pokiri he had a winning screenplay, all he did was to remove the factual errors - the commissioner of police for no reason towards the end is called Assistant commissioner of police (which Kannada remake blindly copied) & Prabhudeva made the climax fight to be done with uniform on because he comes straight from the funeral which wasn't there in original (hero's dad would be an ex cop so funeral will be held with full respect). Dabangg 3, they had a winning script & they messed up with the screenplay & cheap forced humor. Even though music failed D3, I still hope Prabhudeva to make Salman dance in Radhe like he did in Wanted. How well they incorporate the Korean version into Desi narrative is all in the hands of Prabhu. Because Salman's suggestion will be old school & you don't need that again after Dabangg 3. And the last Korean film Prabhudeva remade was Singh Is Bliing so as a fan & as a viewer, I'll remain skeptical till the film's release.

Varun needs a strong comeback. Coolie No.1 is strictly a filler. Judwaa 2 overperformed that's all. What surprised me was Mr.Lele announcement. Right from it's announcement it is not giving vibe of Simmba or Good Newwz, yet KJo is putting it against LSC expecting a hattrick win. Varun is your poster boy, you messed by offering him Kalank (also Alia), you owe him a bigger film. YRF would never mess like this with Ranveer. They let him sign bigger films after Befikre. Here Dharma is not letting Varun to sign any bigger films outside their banner. Sidharth can't act yet there is no such imposition. They even cast him in a better film Shershaah & happy to make Varun look repetitive on screen.

Bachchan Pandey again might work at the box office. It is just that, Akki's potential is beyond these films. Anyways it would be like Salman churning out Bodyguard in the initial megastardom phase. Expect Akki to surprise everyone with his announcements post Atrangi Re.


here comes the 4th one; coolie no1, arun biopic, mr lele and dancing dad.

"Guess what, Following the record-breaking success of #StreetDancer3D, Varun Dhawan & Remo D'Souza are teaming up again.. This time for #DancingDaddy, the same project once Salman was supposed to do before he & Remo mutually decided to disturb people's heart function with #Race3!" - @rahulrautwrites

dharma itself is not in good position. last year only good news did well while kesari did above average biz. kalank was a big flop. if brahmastra fails, they might not take a big risk again in near future. takht is also risky esp in the current situation - 'a mughul family story', unless kjo is planning to change the religion of aurangzeb.

outlaws is strictly an average movie. prabudeva brand of humor is pathetic and vulgur. on the top of that half of the movie will be directed by sallu. how can one make a worst remake than the original? an art only prabudeva and sallu know. lets see what he signs post radhe. sjsa can bring him back in the game. the only good that radhe can do for sallu is winning the clash by a margin.

personally, I think, it will be ranbir who will dethrone sallu, not akki. all depends on brahmastra. shamshera is a yrf product so expecting it to well and luv ranjan has mastered the romcom genre. expecting one more movie with yrf in the near future.

2020 will be the best year of akki career. for 2021 he has already announced 3 movies and non of them is a potential blockbuster. 2 more as per himesh. one of them will be with yrf, a Gandhi jayanti release as per my calculations. thats the only movie which can do great biz.


Dancing Dad with Varun? So a promotion to playing a dad, is Remo even capable of it? Street Dancer was supposed to have Katrina in it, she backed out without batting an eyelid. Hope Varun is not that stupid in signing movies.

SJSA with Salman is never happening. Period.

Kesari didn't affect Dharma at all. It was Kalank. Until then Dharma had raced ahead of YRF comfortably. Announced multiple franchises. In them, Drive burnt their pocket while making itself. So the idea of Drive as a franchise was dropped & releasing it in Netflix was a much bigger loss. Kalank heavily backfired & Dharma actually spent a lot of money + hope on it. Brahmastra another franchise is in shaky ground with delayed making & increasing costs wrt reshoots. Bhoot franchise well they were meant to be Netflix releases, Dharma is giving the first one a theatrical release, again just a tactic to cover for the losses.

KJo isn't looking confident enough now. Takht is a very important project considering it will be his directorial. And he can't delay the shoot further holding all the actors dates for this long. Dharma is literally on a thread now while YRF got a breather with War & has slowed down to make perfect announcements for 50th anniversary. Strategizing carefully.

The Outlaws had more layers compared to Veteran. Either way it was going to be Prabhudeva at such short notice. Salman doesn't ghost direct his films. It's just that, nobody dares to question him back. Something that has started happening since Tubelight while TZH was the sole exception. Salman needs to get back to working with directors who are in full control of their work & not make Salman feel the need to interfere. Much of Dabangg 3's social messages I bet were created on the shooting spot. This mistake shouldn't repeat.... often.

Everything depends on Brahmastra for Ranbir. If that fails, Dharma is getting dethroned for a long time. The last thing Ranbir needs is Brahmastra becoming another Bombay Velvet.

As far as Akki goes, he has earned the audience goodwill. Something Salman & Aamir enjoyed for most part of the last decade. Audience "want" to watch an Akki starrer in theaters. LSC had nothing to do with BP moving. Mr Lele was announced for 1st & Akki is much closer to KJo. Simply taking business prospective, it made sense to move than lose out screens in 2nd week to Dharma Productions. Mr. Lele isn't going to be entirely multiplex dependent where LSC would dominate. BP is for single screens & that Satte Pe Satta concept of brothers wanting elder brother to fall in love get married (ofcourse the massy action plot too about saving whole family of heroine's) wouldn't entirely brining the young crowd after week 1 who will move to Mr.Lele. The industry (Dharma) has cracked the code of not giving 2-3 free week run for X-Mas release rather come a week after & earn half of what x-Mas films earn at worse. If KJO stops, someone else will take over. Nobody will let go off the opportunity.


SJSA with Salman is never happening. Period.

so what will he do till sept/oct? another home production perhaps. oh God!

TZH was the sole exception.

what about bharat then? he didn't interfere in tzh because it was a yrf movie? asking bcoz aaz directed both.

The Outlaws had more layers compared to Veteran.

really? personally enjoyed veteran more than outlaws. emotional angle was there. couldn't find any such thing in veteran. action scenes were more stylish while comedy was also there. here they will add some stupid toilet humor.

The industry (Dharma) has cracked the code of not giving 2-3 free week run for X-Mas release.

the day xmas release will get excellent talk, the new year release will suffer big time. lsc can be that movie. also mr lele is going to be the weakest of all 3 (simmba and good news).

YRF got a breather with War & has slowed down to make perfect announcements for 50th anniversary.

lets see. if sallu or srk signs a 3 film deal then one can say that 'game is on, baby'. if they announce another movie with sallu apart from t3 then be assured that the deal is renewed.

Audience "want" to watch an Akki starrer in theaters.

none of his movies in last 5 years has crossed 1.5 cr ffs mark. it is just the perception limited to twitter world. hf2 is a bigger hit than hf4. sv will cross that mark but we all know the reason behind that. same goes for prithviraj. don't think bp or bell bottom will cross that mark.

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Bring salman and hrithik together for WAR AND Tiger cross over and devastate boxoffice.

by Camera Operator (9.3k points)
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Three films deal with megastar will happen Tiger 3'Another project nd tiger 4 will be made in this decade with Salman khan for sure and answer to godfather regarding underperformance of Tiger 3 dear Tiger 3 will b All time grosser whenever it releases but i consider it 2022 release as well u always underestimated spy genre as u underestimated TZH but rest is the history i admit recent releases were not upto the mark but with Radhe he will b back and next year He will regain his Status like a BOSS then after that Tiger 3 will make History but u keep spiting venom against Megastar it dznt matter

by Unit Manager (37.1k points)
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I want War 2 in 2021. But I guess it wont be so early. Dhoom 4 and perhaps SRK'S next is what I am expecting.

by Mega Star (226k points)
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Being honest here, buray waqt main koi saath nahi deta. There won't be an SRK movie announced at least. The most likely IMO is something with Ranveer.

by Editor (82.0k points)

You never know. Aditya chopra might make one with SRK to bring his glory days back

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