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“With the type of polarization and degeneration, the requirement of the hour can be messages of stability and peace. Cinema has become a true stage of secularism in the nation; Kabhi Eid Kabhi Diwali may take the cinematic adventure back into the times of movies including Yash Chopra’s Dharmputra and Dhool Ka Phool.  It addresses the dilemma of Hindu-Muslim amity,” Bollywood Hungama offered an informed source as discussing.

Also, what greater than simply taking inspiration from a person’s own household to portray everyday life on large screens that the manufacturers of this movie appear to possess abide by also. The storyline appears to have been hunted from the celebrity’s family.

Source Link: https://www.bollywoodhungama.com/news/bollywood/exclusive-salman-khan-starrer-kabhi-eid-kabhi-diwali-plot-revealed/
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And they have chosen Farhad to address such an important issue. Didn't expected this from atleast Sajid Nadiadwala.


Well Farhad needs to come out of his zone though. Considering he just gave a bigger grosser for the production house, obvious he is preferred.

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Good Initiative by SKF ..
If not off screen he is showing spine to raise a voice against fascists atleast on screen ...

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So Salman has decided to end his career ok atleast he will go away with a bang with a message of secularism

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That is the point. Unity is not what audiences want to see.

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If the movie is based on the issue,then salute to the man whatever the box office result comes

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I'd watch it.... Salman has always been the one to embed good social messages in his movies

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Well, that doesn't work in today's times does it? Movies showcasing one particular religion overpowering the other is working. OTT nationalism is the order of the day.

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If the movie is based on this ideology then I say bring it on. Box office doesn't matter much when you are out to make a statement. Not giving up on the ideology that matters over anything.



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First to say... Blockbuster it is.....

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Love doesn't sell hate does no way it will be blockbuster


I'm hopeful bro ..anyways long way to hop.. Let's see

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this picture above..... shrieks those subramaniam songs..... salman khan was three different people in three different decades.

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This movie is a blockbuster.....

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