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Megastar's unpredictability is simply Mashallah. While excited for RADHE & Kabhi EID Kabhi DIWALI, honest request by a fan.

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A Fan's Honest Request -

I read Farhad Samjhi's tweet after the announcement of Kabhi Eid Kabhi Diwali. He thanked the almighty for this opportunity. Though the growth despite the questionable content is there to see for this writer turned director, it is quite evident the big success of Housefull 4 and his association with Nadiadwala group has earned him this slot.

I hope he puts in an honest effort towards the product and do justice to the biggest Megastar, he has been given responsibility to direct.

Prabhudheva is associating with Bhai for the third time. First one was memorable, second one wasn't.

Not going to too much depth as much has already been spoken out loud, both Prabhudheva and Farhad Samjhi, as screenwriters and directors have similar traits. Both Radhe and Kabhi Eid Kabhi Diwali are EID releases. I sincerely request them to omit the toilet humour and double entendre entirely. You're being exposed to the vast audience, a Housefull 4 despite cheap toilet humour was excused off, audience won't be this forgiving always.

Rest, the production houses have okayed the content means there is something worthy to invest on it. Don't let it down with incoherent screenplay. Additional request to Prabhudeva will simply be, make Salman Khan dance. He wasn't perfect in Dabangg 3 but he tried, looked much better than how terrible he looked in Race 3, just want that WANTED-wala magic. 3 songs - Mera Hi Jalwa, Love Me Love Me & Le Le Mazaa Le. 3 proper dance numbers in Radhe too, Prabhudeva may or may not be to able to do many things, he bloody well can make Salman dance.

It's a Salman Khan movie, the excitement level will always be like,

Also happy like this,

But also true, only for the directors, this feeling also co-exists.


And ofcourse, the first look of Kabhi Eid Kabhi Diwali.

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The truth is its all upto how good the movie is... No one excpet a few hundred like us (who are interested in the backend of bollywood) care about directors...

If its a comedy movie.. I say bring it on.. its high time Salman did one.. it'll be 10 years after Ready..
Just that the movie should be good

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I agree with you here. Until or unless movie is pathetic nobody cares about who the director, herion and even production house is. If there is a superstar in a movie they all becomes excuses if the movie fails but all of them will be praised if movie does well. But, actually there are only 2 things which are working here content and then superstar. All of the things depends on these 2 things only.

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Lol..Thank you Salman....

by Production Accountant (23.8k points)
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lol what the .....
if he takes more than two months to shoot this movie..... and does not bring two more movies inn 2021..... then it just means he has already retired. and doinng movies for the sake of it....
it'll be like ready that i can guarantee.....a movie about a family .....
its like he's starting the 2020s the way he started 2010s.... making dabangg wanted ready up will most probably be tiger and kick .... then one with kabir and sooraj.... as all of these are already in pipeline..... same pattern as last decade....

get off your @ss and start working..... these past few years have only been part of your vacation ... i still can't get over the fact that he had 100 days of working schedule for bharat and wasted entire 8,9 months doing nothing.... and completed the movie in a year... and now he'll be doing that from eid 2020 to eid 2021 ...for this comedy movie...a. year for comedy movie....
get off your lazy @ss and start working.... your fims are not just your films..they are your fans as well..... or retire already.

i have no problem with him doing pathetic movies with pathetic directors with pathetic vision and even worse production backing ...i have problem with him doing all that pathetic stuff and take long time to finish these movies movies...

by Super-star (198k points)
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Hmmmm, at first I thought it was a troll post from Salman, but then I realized that it's true.

All I can say is, this movie will be a blockbuster, no other way about it. Sajid and Farhad know what they are doing and even the audience is accepting it, so it will work big time. We may see a comedy HGOTY in 2021

But does this mean that Bachchan Pandey is now shelved?

by Editor (81.9k points)
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So Salman has decided to turn the self destruction mode like SRK

by Executive Producer (67.6k points)

If Farhad delivers then it won't be self destruction mode anymore.

The thing is we / including Salman, doesn't know what is gonna work. Salman is putting his experience and gut to hope a film like Bharat would work, a Dabangg sequel would work. When they don't, one doesn't stop, they'll keep on trying.

The situation isn't worse as Srk to take an hiatus. For massive megastar, being relevant in the industry with active projects matters the most. When 3 films have underperformed back to back, especially the last one, the best hope yet failed big, it is time to take matters seriously.

Since, big production houses aren't ready to collaberate with him, he is left with the only big production house Sajid Nadiadwala's NGE and as Kick 2 isn't ready, he has opted for KEKD. He is having 2 back to back masala out & out action films - Dabangg 3 & Radhe, so obvious he wouldn't opt for another out & out action film. The repetition will hurt his stand more.

One can easily understand why Farhad Samji is signed, as he is NGE's favorite now. With Housefull 4 doing so big, audience lapping it up too, why would the trade complain? the audience outside social media, why will they complain?


if a movie does not evoke excitement among matter how good it is.... it will never get off the ground to make it self fly ..... so movie being good or bad goes out of the question .....
why do you think dabangg 3 didn't work despite being a better movie than bharat race 3 .... because no one asked for it and no one wanted to watch it....
farhad delivering a good movie.... is secondary.... because this kinda movie does not suit salman khan's stature.... and will not have the excitement that should be attached to salman khan's movies...... and extending that.... a clash is also likely with this movie.... and then you'll realize how big a blunder it was to make such a small movie that took a whole year between his two movies....

recall tubelight.


@GN in that case no movie will create excitement when the negative vibes exists before announcement. Atleast for Race 3 & Dabangg 3 someone else had started the campaign with Malicious intent.

As simple as it sounds, Industry Biggies want Salman to work for them not work with them. Dharma will not work. Spat with SLB has put even the foreign investors to stay away from Salman. YRF & Tiger 3 is "NOT" happening. Not until Salman Khan gives in which in turn would be much bigger loss to him.

All he has is Sajid Nadiadwala & Rajshri outside his home productions. Tips might convince him again to make up for Race 3. Announcement of this film clearly informs Kick 2 script is not ready. Sooraj will take years to write his draft. That's his process. Kabir Khan made it clear he doesn't have any stories for Salman. Ali Abbas Zafar will be getting back to YRF camp after his production. AAZ knows he can survive only there. Coming out of the banner & working for Salman's family banner Bharat, he doesn't want to mess it with YRF.

So when it comes big production houses with clout in the industry are NGE & Rajshri, even there Rajshri has clout only when Sooraj directs otherwise it's only smaller films.

They took Farhan Akhtar's name, at the mention only fans started negative tone. After Dabangg 3 people lost hopes on Prabhudeva but don't forget the immense craze just the motion poster announcement of Radhe created.

So simple, Salman apart from his family productions, Sajid Nadiadwala & Rajshri has no other option. The biggest he'll reach out to is Tips. This is all he has. With YRF he'll work only as an actor, with his options he'll always turn co-producer with SKF. These are the choices/options. I see he is making the best with what he has & hoping to come up with a right product to stay relevant in this decade, as long as he can. He is still among the highest paid actor. Takes away maximum profits, pre-release & post-release. He let go off those things, he'll lose his position in the industry.

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Pehaly boltay kuch alag kro acyion se hatt k ab jab kar rahay toh Crap etc bol rahay whats wrong wd u people ? Salman jaye b toh kahan jaye

by Unit Manager (37.1k points)
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Why couldn't he come up with Kick 2? The perfect movie for a big comeback. Farhad Samji are so damn crap. Salman is going the SRK way now.

by Mega Star (225k points)

Please go through the comment I put up under SSk's answer.

Regarding Kick 2, it is quite evident the script is not ready. Salman is allocating the dates he had reserved for Kick 2 to Kabhi Eid Kabhi Diwali.

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Eid per release karne se kuch nahi hoga ab 5 saal pehle ka samay nahi aane wala.

ab eid per dusre star bhi movie release karenge.......... solo release ka time gaya.

ha agar content main dum raha to alag baat hai per lagta nahi hai 2021 tak.

by Casting Director (18.7k points)
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I have been waiting for a comedy movie for a long time,a little unhappy for the director.

by Producer (113k points)