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Directed by Farhad Samji. 
Story and Produced by Sajid Nadiadwala.
Releasing EID 2021.

Source Link: Megastar Salman khan himself
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I approve this to the the first look of Kabhi EID Kabhi Diwali...


@SL also I do feel for Srkians.

We are here getting new announcements without even asking for it.


No one gonna take salman films srsly from now on not even his fans.


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Why Salman Bhai Why.

First Prabhudeva and now Farhad Samji. Salman needs to understand that he is not Akshay Kumar as he does have limited release. Failure of one film means huge negativity and he doesn't have multiple releases in a year so that he can cover it up. Though I have faith in Sajid Nadiadwala but Farhad Samji makes slapstick comedies. In todays times, anything less than 200cr is considered underperformer for Khans. We just need to see how 'Bachchan Pandey' turns out. If they are not able to make it appeal to all section of audience, it will be create a doubt of whether they can make this film appeal to larger section of audience. Instead of this film , they should have made Kick 2.

btw , whats with the title. They can also make Kabhai Christmas Kabhi Baisakhi.

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budget will most probably be 30cr..... movie getting made in a mansion in UK .... salman khan having two wives ..... one muslim one hindu .... and the end he will find a third wife...a christian.....

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Is this......some sort of troll? If no, then..............(think)

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Tweet share kiya hai upar.
NGE films ke twitter account ne bhi retweet kiya ye.


Salman Khan's golden run is over then. Farhad Samji...seriously

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Salman Khan ko bas EID target krna hai SCRIPT nahi ...

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salman Khan era is officially over only yrf can save him now with tiger 3 he has gone mad

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Dharam Sankat For Salman Fans.. Ab Bachchan Pandey Ko Achi Banne Ki Dua Mange Ya Kharab..

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Hahahaha..Srk Salman bhai bhai..One has retired next one will retire in 2021(dance)

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if this crosses ae dil hai mushkil salman fans should be happy

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