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Galti se mistake.

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Tanhaji -- Review (@Nikhil728)

Tanhaji has been my most awaited my movie for years but frankly, it was worth the wait because this amazing film has kicked off 2020 with a bang. It's one of Ajay Devgn's best movies and you watch this film then you will know that Om Raut directed with heart and soul. He gave this film a complete feel for an action and drama movie for the masses and classes which blends perfectly with the screenplay. This is how period drama movies should be presented when it comes to Indian Cinema with a good story but most importantly an excellent script and characterisation.

This movie starts off realistically with a young Tanhaji who follows his father's footsteps to become a Maratha warrior. I feel the goosebumps when Ajay Devgn intro came and it was perfect showing him in action sequence. Later we have Saif Ali Khan intro where he fights an elephant and he such a killer looks with excellent body language. So their characters are presented very well in this movie but honestly, you got give Om Raut credit because both actors were given equal footage.

Honestly, the first half was excellent and does hold your interest where you can not wait to see what happens after the Interval. Now the second half is better because it's fully massy with action including background score which was top notch. Plus, the climax was mind-blowing and gives you feel of a hero vs villain. Ajay Devgn and Saif Ali Khan's fighting scene was superb.


Ajay Devgn gives one of the best performances of his career as Tanhaji Malusare. He emotes superbly with his intense eyes but his dialogues were amazing. You can feel his pain in the climax and his emotions which is why he lives character. This will go down as once his most Iconic character along with The Legend of Bhagat Singh, Company, Zakhm, Omkara, Gangaajal, Deewangee, Once Upon a Time in Mumbai, Singham, Raid and etc.

Saif Ali Khan gives you chills as the villain. If there was any actor worthy of playing Udayban Rathod Singh then its Saif because he has the versatility of playing any role given to him. I think Tanhaji is his second-best performance after Omkara. His body language was perfectly such as his movement and dialogue delivery. His anger is superb and the way he laughs as well shows he good was as the baddie.

Sharad Kelkar is excellent where he played a very important role as Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. He's Marathi and I think he nailed this role perfectly.

Kajol has a small role but she's a delight to watch. She does perform well according to the script.


I don't see much flaws in this movie and please don't tell me this film was propaganda with Mughals because it's a true story. There was one Maratha warrior who was a traitor but ends up getting killed by Saif.

Tanhaji is one of the best movies for Ajay Devgn and Saif Ali Khan and its better than any period drama SLB has done. This will now open doors for Om Raut as a director and I hope does more movies with Saif Ali Khan.

My rating for Tanhaji is 5/5

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@TB what "actually not"??


You said we all know the story, true, but they changed the story in the movie. Read my above comment.


I never said i know the story... I said I know how it ends...

There was a famous saying "Gadh ala pan sinha gela" meaning "Won the fort but lost the lion"


They changed it, obviously Maratha forces won the fort in the movie too but how they won that is changed.

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Being a pakistani i liked it very much watched it yesterday in dubai i'll give him 5 stars out of 5 & mark my word it will have huge sunday more than 30 crore

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Tanhajireview : SURGICAL STRIKE AT THE BOX OFFICE.Ajay devgan deserves all the applouses for this mega period action thriller film.

First half starts slow but studily and later it picks its pace.first half is bit Streched in my opinion but nevertheless if you have this kind of screenplay than its done.

Talking about the performances mainly from lead casts is best thing about the whole film.be it ajay devgan or saif or sharad kelkar everyone stands tall here.kajol excellent.

From dialogues to screenplay to performaces tanaji surpasses all the expectations.




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tanhaji ...incredible movie.....

acting - ajay , saif, kajol, new actors..... all level 4

direction - the guy who has vision , give him all the budget and freedom he wants and needs..and this guy ..did fulfill all the needs...starting with keeping the runtime short and screenplay crisp ..... direction 5/5 ..... bhansali level

vfx- perfectly kept on indian accepting level , scale looked bigger than each and every bollywood film till date

violence - excessive

character development - ajay's character superb.....saif good enough..... i would have been happy had there not been backstory of saif's madness attached to his character .... that he was heartbroken which drove him psycho.....and heartless..... i mean sometimes the guy just has to evil ..... like khilji .... anyways he played psycho character very very well.... other than two occasions , one of which he started speaking the Omkara movie accent.... may be he took inspiration from there. and second where he left the character and started acting like in movie cocktail

Plus points -

  • No time to blink , you blink you miss
  • short runtime
  • ajay acted like its the last movie of his career
  • huuuuuuuuuuuuuuge scale
  • Incredible action choreography , in frickin credible
  • great direction and screenplay

Negative points -

  • Unnecessary deaths of some characters , i'll name them but that'll be big spoiler

LOL points -

  • that background score although was good , but too loud....that whole NA NA NA NANA lol that would crack me up everytime when they play it

  • kept wondering where is the big komodo dragon they kept teasing in earlier posters , i thought that was like a pet for tanhaji lol


by Super-star (198k points)

That monitor lizard actually helped Tanaji climb the fort of Kondhana, but they haven't shown that in the movie.


how did it help him? im curious


They tied the ropes ti the monitor lizard's body, it scaled the walls of the fort and the rope with it, then rhey climbed that rope.

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Tanhaji: What a start to 2020

Ajay Devgn's 100th movie is a treat to watch. From the scale to the visuals to the fight scenes, Om Raut exceeds expectations. There is a proper story to tell here unlike SLB who only shows style and no substance. Ajay owns the character of Tanaji Malusare, the intense eyes, the rousing monologues, he's an acting powerhouse.

Saif schools and shows Ranveer Singh how to play a villain minus the growling and grunting of an animal. His Udaybhan Rathod is brutal, visceral, cunning and eccentric....without going over the top. Saif doesnt have a lot of dialogues and it's mostly the body language which works. He's clearly one of the most underrated actors we have today. Special mention for Sharad Kelkar...man was born to play Shivaji. Kajol also shines in a small role. The climax takes the movie to a new high.

Rating : 4/5.

by Mega Star (226k points)

"Unlike SLB who only shows style and no substance"

And you used to bash me for saying bad about SLB movies..


You know I am usually pulling your leg. Slb is overrated. No doubt. Even SRK'S devdas as overrated as anything.

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