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Which Hollywood movie franchise will have the biggest craze this decade?

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Like in 2000s it was Harry Potter and in 2010s it was MCU, predict which movie franchise is going to have the biggest craze this decade?
in General Queries by Costume designer (1.2k points)

2 Answers

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MCU already confirmed sequels of Thor, black panther and doctor strange and many more new movies to come..So I hope MCU rules again..Bt this decade is going to be special due to Rohit Shetty cop universe which is even bigger than MCU

by Location Scout (3.8k points)
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Harry Potter?? 2000s was Spiderman easily.

It has so much craze that despite being a bad movie, Spider-Man 3 became ATBB in India whereas HP movies disnt do anything much of note at Indian box Office.

Regarding 2020, MCU will remain biggest craze as far as Hollywood goes, wait for Dr Strange and Thor 4, also down the line if MCU goes for nostalgia and reunites all Avengers again then another Box Office history will be written at Indian Box Office.

by All Time best! (268k points)

I was talking about worldwide craze.


Oh, well then in 2020s too it'll be MCU.


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