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Akshay Kumar Has a Historic Year [BOI]

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Akshay Kumar has had a historic year which and is by far the star of the year with no other actor even in sight. the records have tumbled in 2019 with a cumulative total of the for Akshay Kumar starrers to be in the region of 750 crore nett and worldwide it will be the first time ever that an actor will cross 1000 crore.



It does not stop there as the domination continued on satellite as Housefull 4, 2.0 (Hindi) and Kesari all took openings which placed them in the top ten of all time on release. Housefull 4 became that very rare film to top 2 crore impressions on first screening.  



There have been many times that an actor has givev 3 hits in a year but there is a big difference between 3 and 4 as that 4 is a rarity in history. Today most actors cant even manage to have four releases let alone 4 HITS. This is where most actors get it wrong as the fact is there are no Mughal E Azams, Sholays or Bahubalis being made in the Hindi film industry which need 200 or 300 days to shoot so its very difficult to understand how actors have just one or two releases a years. Hardly any Hindi films have any real cinematic value today and on average are 50-60 days shoots and there are 365 days in a year.



This is where Akshay Kumar has scored over all the other actors in recent times as most of the others have gone into that zone of less work which puts pressure on the films for big numbers but as Akshay Kumar has more films there is not the pressure of doing 200 crore nett or 300 crore nett each time and he can even get away with a 100 crore nett film as long as the others do the better numbers.



There is no actor even in sight in 2019 after Akshay Kumar as the gap is so big. The next best is probably Hrithik Roshan but even there War was a two hero film and the credit goes 50-50 with Tiger Shroff but the edge for the year going to Hrithik Roshan as his other release Super 30 did better than Tiger Shroff's other release Student Of The Year 2. The other actor in contention for second spot is Ayushmann Khurana with two solo SUPER HIT films Dream Girl and Bala but its actually a fight for 11th spot between Hrithik Roshan and Ayushmann Khurana as Akshay Kumar is actually 1-10 as far as 2019 goes. The records for Akshay Kumar in 2019 are as follows.



India Theatrical

Kesari - 151.87 crore

Mission Mangal - 192.67  crore

Housefull 4 - 205.60 crore

Good Newwz - 200 crore (expected)

TOTAL - 750.14 crore (The previous best was 510 crore by Salman Khan in 2015)



Worldwide Theatrical

Keasri - 203 crore

Mission Mangal - 277 crore

Housefull 4 - 293 crore

Good Newwz - 305 crore (expected)

TOTAL - 1078 crore (The first time that the 1000 crore mark has been broken and its unlikely to be broken many times. The previous best was 968 crore by Salman Khan in 2015)



Actors To Give 4 or more HITS In A Year

Rajesh Khanna (1970, 1971)

Dharmendra (1966, 1970, 1972, 1973, 1987)

Amitabh Bachchan (1977, 1978, 1981)

Akshay Kumar (1994, 2019)

Not much to say here as the other names means you are with the greats of all time and its very unlikely any contemporary of Akshay Kumar or a younger actor will join this elite list while Akshay Kumar may add another year. As mentioned above 3 HITS in a year happens but 4 is a rarity.



Television Ratings

2.0 (Hindi) - 1,65,13,000

Kesari - 1,56,66,000

Mission Mangal - 56,96,000

Housefull 4 - 2,15,42,000

TOTAL - 5,94,17,000 (Almost 6 crore impressions in television premieres in one year which is an insane number and could have been higher if Mission Mangal worked on television. Despite this it will be a huge record for anyone to break.



The figures say it all and its a phenomenal year from all angles and there will be chances of a repeat next year.
in BOI Update by Casting Director (17.6k points)

India Theatrical After Akshay Kumar Second Best has Ranveer Singh with
Padmaavat -> 282cr
Simba ->240cr.
Total = 522cr (more than Salman 510cr)


Its Gross of Bajrangi & PRDP ..


Gal gyi.......

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Best answer

Bajrangi bhaijaan, PRDP, Sultan released within a year...

That makes 1500cr worldwide
, 9cr footfalls
, 6cr satellite opening impressions,
8 out of 10 all time highest single days,
biggest opening day ever,
biggest opening weekend twice and top 3 biggest opening weekends ever...
Top two biggest weeks
most footfalls in opening weekend/week(twice) and and opening day
Biggest worldwide weekend /week
. In a Single year.

by Super-star (198k points)
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I almost selected it as best answer

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Great year for Akshay Kumar and will be bigger this year if Farhad samji can handle bachchan Pandey well then 4 hits again in 2020 for Akshay Kumar.

by Assistant Director (52.7k points)
+5 votes

Harminder must have had tears in his eyes while typing this.

by Mega Star (226k points)
+4 votes

Salman Khan ,968 within 4 months(without China) with two movies which one opened bumper and another excellent on pre eid,510 nett pre gst , both the movies topping TV , above all both solo leads.
Really fantastic.

by Producer (113k points)
+4 votes

Salman in 2015 5.8cr ffs with 2 movies
Akshay in 2019 5.5cr ffs with 4 movies with Christmas+Diwali+Independence holidays
Great feat with 4 Accepted movies.
Akki is making huge gain

by Executive Producer (66.5k points)

It's all about CONTENT wahi star banata hai wahi Dubata hai.
Sbhi CONTENT prr chli except HF4 jo kii Franchise thi.

+4 votes

credit must be given where its due.. it has been his year but 1 to 10?? Really?

HR came and gave a BB just like his peak and prime the guy is not able to give a BB then again it maybe due to volume but his movies have found appreciation yet he hasnt been able to give a single BB

He could have been going like this if his movies were good.. bass click ho gaya

by Assistant Director (53.9k points)

Imagine BOI commentary for 2020 if Eid and Xmas clash go ahead.


They praise Salman as well.. but go overboard with akki.. They have always maintained that Salman is the biggest superstar but this article is clearly paid as even a Kartik Aryan can give 4 hits in a year as his audience is purely multiplex.

Akki should be lauded for choosing good scripts.. for mere hits? a historic year? I disagree sir

+4 votes

Yup ..
968 cr in 2015 < 1078cr in 2019 ..
Matlab ab inflation ticket rates & Gst 4 movies against 2 kuch nahi farq padta ..
4 half centuries are more than 2 centuries ... rip Boi logic ..
What about the footfalls 5.8cr < 5.5cr ....

by Producer (118k points)
+3 votes

Shah Rukh Khan - 10.8 crs footfalls in one year.


credit goes 50-50 with Tiger Shroff but the edge for the year going to Hrithik Roshan as his other release Super 30 did better than Tiger Shroff's other release Student Of The Year 2.

So had SOTY 2 done better than Suoer 30, BOI would've declared that Tiger has the edge over Hrithik for War's credit.... what a flog..!!

by All Time best! (269k points)

BOI hates HR. Proven yet again.


Being One of the Side villian Tiger has done a commendable job.


HR had a brillant year considering he was called finished. No one had a better year than Salman Khan did in 2015. That was tremendous.

+2 votes the way same boxofficeindia once wrote that Salman is 1-10 at the boxoffice and not just in 2012 and many people were too happy. Why so........?

by Assistant Director (41.3k points)

200cr at today's rate require only 1.4cr ffs


and others have failed to cross that in last two years, be it SRK, Aamir or Salman


They did bad movies while akki continued to churn out good movies. simple
Akki dominated 2019, but to call historic to his comparatively better performance than khan's underperformer is bit too much IMO


i agree.......BOI acts mad every now n then in their commentary section

+1 vote

Wow..Such a big article by boi lol.. Though I liked their point about Akshay's multiple releases..Other stars take 100 days to shoot a movie..Even for a movie like super 30 Hrithik probably took 100 days. Both Akshay and Ajay have an advantage over their contemporaries due to this..Even the new generation do very few films.. Brahmastra will release after 2 years of Sanju.anyways congrats Akshay and I wonder what boi is going to say if both sooryavanshi and prithviraj do more than 250 crores

by Location Scout (3.8k points)
+1 vote

Okay so credit goes 50-50 for War with Hrithik having slight edge.

by Unit Manager (33.7k points)

Then what genre is khiladi786,brothers,boss lol..
Dont compare your fav star to hrithik regarding openings and records..
Akki has hits because of the volume of movies and he is in prime now and people know what funda or mantra he used to give hits..
Hrithik had 26cr opener before war, who will count dubbed collection?
Are they giving it for free? He is just 24 films old and yet he earned stardom down south in just 6th year.. Thats y they dubb his movies there..


Oh yeah then Akki had a 80cr opening so you should stop this opening opening wala thing when your star can't even win a clash with Akki.When MJD was taught as Magnum Opus other was just a normal flick from Akki. Aur kiss funde ke baat karra hai bhai don't you know how much contribution Papa Roshan had in making Hrithik what he is today.
Aur jiss reason ki wajah se tu bolra hai ki Akki ki itni hits hai thoda dimaag hota toh pata rehta ki that is the reason he doesn't have those huge opener.


dont u know the negativity happened to mohenjodaro?
As a fan i was also not interested..
And u must be knowing akki has 50 films which have less footfalls than mohenjodaro lol..
I cn also give u example of joker movie,where lifetime collections cudnt cross agneepath day1 collections, nd fyi joker released after agneepath...
Nd just count in akkis 30 hits how many multistarrers r there.. In this case u cant give credit to all 30 hits..
Anyways i was only trying to point the commentary of boi is against hrithik and very biased too.. U also know that...


That I have agreed upon that BOI should give atleast 65% credit to Hrithik but if you think its 100% Hrithik then you need to lower your volume here because Tiger do have a certain fan base amongst the masses who will come to especially watch him on such a high octane action movie with such a scale. A heel lot of buzz War has because of the fact that its Hrithik vs Tiger, A mentor-studend angle, two best dancer in one shot and two of the best action hero against each other and what not.... Do you still think that any other star from the younger pack would have had the same effect.

+1 vote

Its actually a fight for 11th spot between Hrithik Roshan and Ayushmann Khurana as Akshay Kumar is actually 1-10 as far as 2019 goes
Akshay is definitely star of the year and he had a great year but lol BOI

by Executive Producer (67.6k points)

He is From 1 to 10 as far as 2019 Goes isme to mjhe bhi hassi aa gyi


BOI Chaplusi kar raha hai par 2019 Akki ka saal raha koi deny nahi kar sakta ye

+1 vote

minthunda has multiple times 4 hits and more....

jagir, wanted, kasam paida karne wale ki, ghar ek mandir

pyar jhukta nahi, aandhi toofan, ghulami, maa kasam, baadal, pyari bahna

dilwala, jaal, swarg se sunder, muddat, pyar ke do pal, main balwan

dance dance, paivar, hawalat, watan ke rakhwale

pyar ka mandir, waqt ki awaz, charno ki sugandh. (jeete hai shan se and commando -semi hit)

guru, data, prem prtigya, muzrim, ladai (ilaka, dost, bhrashtachar - average)

by Camera Operator (8.2k points)

Tera ek alag he BOI hai


shayad tuze pata nahi hoga.....mithinda was biggest star in 80s in interiors and smaller town.....he was often referred as a garibon ka amitabh....punjab se hota to ab tak 50 baar boi ne bola hota...there is no disrespect for punjabi here...but this is truth... if movie does huge business in north and flop rest of the country then it is hit for them and actor is considered big star but other stars if movies does huge in interior of maharshtra, WB, south and smaller town of other state then it is flop....kya logic hai...

+1 vote

some actors are called as superstars who cannot even give 4 super hit films in a decade and this guy is giving it in one year but people in this forum dont call him a superstar lol

by Casting Director (16.6k points)

He's one. Khans are megastars though.

0 are so damn right Jordan....i did not think it that way....Aamir has only 3 Hits in this whole decade .....1 semi-Hit to follow and then ghanta all over

+1 vote

BOI ko kabhi akshay ke movie ke ff ka data bhi compare karna chahiye dhram, amitabh aur rajesh ke filmo ke data se.

by Casting Director (18.7k points)
+1 vote

Time and again boi is proving that it hates hrithik the most.
50-50 credit roflmao,with slight edge to hrithik as super 30 did 147cr.
If s30 had done 67cr and soty2 had done 147cr,boi would have told that hrithik had supporting role in film and film banking on tigers broad shoulders with 80-20 credit to tiger haha..
Abey boi, i dont know how u became trade wala, ask any hero except aamir or srk and make 30cr in andhra circuit by clashing with no.1 star and 250cr budget film ...all this happened because of hrithik, nt even 1cr contribution goes to tiger out of 60-65cr it made in south...
And coming to super30,it had no holidays or chartbuster or deshbhakt feeling like kesari, and yet the total was only 4cr short..
You can heap praises on akki, but why bringing Hrithik unnecessarily..
Wasnt house ful a franchise film? Wasnt good news multi starer? Wasnt mission mangal multistarer?
U can only compare akki to khans or hrithik when he gives record openings or highest grosser of the year or atleast give 1 film in top10 in a decade..

Akki had best decade of his life and yet his film is not in top15 grosser this decade and top 20 footfalls lol..

All and all it is a paid article saying that mark bouchers 4 fifty are bigger than ab develliers two hundreds lol..

by Camera Operator (9.3k points)

Akshay is 1-10 for 2019. Lmaooooooo

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