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Check out the full video songs of Megastar Salman Khan starrer DABANGG 3.

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Hud Hud Dabangg

Naina Lade


Habibi Ki Nain

Yu Karke

Munna Badnaam Hua

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Below Average Music Album Considering Dabangg Franchise Standard, I still rate dabangg among the top3 best album by Salman in last decade.
Album was a flop sadly but it's unfortunate on part of Salman that this movie failed.
Many times such movie works hugely, you can't challenge the public. You should have listened to your fans voice.
The biggest reason behind it's failure is that nobody wanted a Dabangg sequel, such movie doesn't work anymore.
Multiplex audience won't come for Such Action movie which has low production value and village setting unless it has some uniqueness which Dabangg part 1 had.
Salman was a delight watch for those same antics we hated now because they overdone it and moreover it was felt on the face and repetitive.
A Dabangg franchise lover, Salman fan or someone who enjoys Salman onscreen won't be disappointed by this movie.
I loved Awara in the movie, Salman's young look (especially on the train),Action in certain scenes and it wasn't a boring watch anyway.
It still was a blockbuster stuff, maybe audience isn't interested anymore in Village setting Action movie with routine revenge story.
Hard luck for Megastar, I hope he bounces back with Radhe.

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