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War is far better than Saaho.

  • War is a engaging movie.... Saaho is a very bored film.
  • War is a good suspense and good action scene as compare to Saaho. Saaho action is same as south feel action with looks so much fake.
  • in War movie both tiger and Hrithik is best dancer but in saaho is not.
  • War songs is far better than Saaho.
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you meant to ask which one was worse.....war was simply terrible and saaho was remake of race 3... from setting to story , to characters to action everything was race 3 in it

... i dont remember which was last good action movie.....in this stylish action genre..... ETT TZH were bearable ....so was bang bang if you minus katrinna kaif....

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Nice Question TOM SOR.
I will Choose SAAHO as it's Action are Way Better Than WAR

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