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I did miss Casablanca (1942) on 15th December due to lack of awareness. Happened to not miss this gem. PVR will be screening two more gems - Gone With The Wind (1939) & Around The World in 80 Days (1956) in 4 major cities through their The Nostalgic Show initiative. 

Total Films watched on the big screen till date. 

English - 205

Hindi - 135

Telugu - 93

Kannada - 86

Tamil - 68

Malayalam - 02

Assamese - 01

Punjabi - 01

Total Films - 591


First Day First Show Count -

English - 86

Hindi - 63

Telugu - 36

Tamil - 19

Kannada - 13

Total FDFS - 217


Movies Watched in 3D -

English - 85

Hindi - 03

Telugu - 01

Tamil - 01

Total Films - 90


Movies watched in IMAX - 16


Dial M for Murder (1954) is the oldest film I've caught on screen till date. Previously it was Pyaasa (1957) special screening.

It is not simply taking count of movies I watched. Sure watching movies started out as a craze, as a means to bunk classes. But over time, watching films has been more than just a hobby, just a means for killing time. 

It's been more than a decade since I started watching movies in theaters alone. More than a decade since it stopped being an outing. More than a decade since it became more intimate, that connection which led me to indulge beyong those 2-3hrs runtime. A motivation to take film making as a course. An inspiration to write more creatively. A curiosity to explore what goes beyond the screen, with the trade, with the Stars, with the film itself. 

What is more fascinating to me is though single screen is all the more Nostalgic ride now, standing at the ticket counter no longer a tedious option. Walking up to the theater to watch any movie for me has not become mechanical. Somehow, the magic of looking through the posters, the feeling of going to warch a movie is intact all these years. Yes I mean the excitement. Of watching something fascinating on the big screen, to let yourself in. Good, bad or average, whatever the films turn out to be, it is my time I am willing to spend the same I used to all those years before. 

Here's to the connection with films in general that has bonded for decades & even more decades to come. 

And Bhai, it's a pleasure to wait for 5 months to celebrate you on the big screen. 

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how did you find it?
My favourite are vertigo and rope
this one is good too but not his best according to me

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Personally I rank Rear Window the highest. Followed by Notorious & then Vertigo.

Dial M for Murder will not rank in the top 20 Hitchcock's films for me. It is still very good but he has far superior films. Rope for me will not feature in top 10 as my personal favorites range from the above mentioned to Birds to Psycho to Strangers on a train to Rebecca etc..


Rear window was great too but the build up was so great that the climax could not live up the expectations according to me
psycho is his most famous work and was so hyped by everyone that when i watched it
it felt underwhelming but still it is a great film
will need to check out Rebecca and notorious

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