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Who is the director btw?


Family feud should be the reason for biopic. Who better than KJo to direct it whose films revolves around father son relationship.


You're forgetting Srk is a businessman. He definitely wouldn't want to mess his relationship with the Singhanias..

And do Srkians want a film directed by KJo now?


Well they can always call it a fictional movie. On serious note, Why not a KJo directorial for SRK. He presents SRK better than anyone except Chopra's. Though Dear Zindagi was not a full fledged role but it was one of the most appreciated chracter of SRK of the decade and how can we forget MNIK. Srkians might have problem with Karan, but I still feel he should be best choice to direct SRK after Raju Hirani.

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Lol. Suhas why are you scaring SRK fans so much?

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Lol, but i will even take Johhny Sins's biopic as long as it's directed by Raj Kumar Hirani.


SRK has the distinction of making the worst movies with the best too. You never know if Hirani also jumps on the "making the most technologically advanced movies in the world" :D



Good for you, Srk values his hair too much & for that reason alone he will reject Johnny Sins biopic. Or for that matter any role that requires him to go bald.

You gotta make peace with these only!


Johnny Sins Biopic. Funniest thing I have heard today. Great going Suhas.

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What is there is Ravi shastri's life that it deserves a biopic at 1st place ..

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there is lot of stuff about ravi shastri's life.....from bastman bowler to coac...he won champion of champion tag in benson and hedges cup in Australia...he hit 6 sexes in tilak raj over, love story between him and amrita singh etc.

by Camera Operator (8.2k points)
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Nice. A sports from for SRK after Chak De. Biopics are working big time these days too. Hope he signs more films. And that Raj DK film should not be made.

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who is the director of this movie ?

by Casting Director (18.7k points)

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