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Become SRK fan and make some posts in his favor and I'll talk to admins about your promotion myself.

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I do not feel anyone wants to be an SRK fan in the current scenario. (wasntme)


Why not? If it can get him into Chat Room?


I can be srk fan too(rofl)

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Bhai decide kar le kiska fan hai Ranbir ya vicky

by Executive Producer (67.6k points)

Jiski fan hone se mai vi promote hojao iss forum pe uska banjaunga

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You're a fan of everyone whose movie works at the bo. So tough to decide whom you're representing. :D

by Mega Star (226k points)

Jiski kota se promotion hoga usi ka hojaunga

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You keep promoting and defending Vicky. If he ever becomes a big star, then you will be added to the panel.

Personally I think it's a better bet to become a fan of Tiger. You can be added within 2 years that way.

by Editor (82.0k points)

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