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Good Newz is one sweet movie from Akki that fans of every star will love. I as his fan will adore this movie irrespective of its boxoffice(which actually turned out to be good as well). Its one such movie that will make you love its every character. Its for Akki what TZP is for Aamir, CDI is for SRK, ZNMD is for Hrithik and Partner is for MEGASTAR Bhai.
I highly recommend it to everyone and request to not judge any movie before watching it.

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Good Neewz is a good movie.

Kareena is 39? Shut up, she's clearly not. These Bollywood little have discovered anti ageing technology and they are hiding it from the world, what a shame.

And now i need some points for this review.

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The story is no secret. After seven years of marriage, Mumbai based urbane couple Akshay & Kareena are desperately planning to start a family. So are typical Chandigarh pair of Diljit and Kiara. Unfortunately, due to medical conditions they aren’t able to conceive naturally. Hence, they take help of the new “normal” called IVF. Just a small goof up, the sperms are fertilised with wrong eggs i.e. Akshay’s with Kiara’s and Diljit’s with Kareena’s. Thereafter, the movie is a roller-coaster ride of comedy and emotions where Akshay can’t stand the sight of loud and ever-smiling Diljit who, in turn, is worried about the apparent careless attitude of modern couple which could be harmful for the baby.

Right from the hilarious opening banter between Akshay and Kareena, Good Newwz keeps you thoroughly entertained throughout its two hour fifteen minutes of run time. Particularly, the first half is sure to bring the house down with its non stop gags and solid punch lines. The second half gets tad serious which ofcourse, is essential for the plot. Note the superbly executed Kareena's monologue to Akshay on problem every mother faces to give birth to a child. Truly heartfelt that!
Good Newwz is a light-hearted comic drama which scores high in almost every department, be it screenplay, editing, dialogues, cinematography or choreography. The movie is hilarious during first-half and equally heart-warming in the second.

The movie is a fun take on stressful life of today’s generation which is taking a toll on family planning. It takes the viewers on a journey of typical couples, right from the moment they think of a having a child till they actually have the bundle of joy in their hands. It shows the “anxiety” of trying, “sorrow” of failure, “miracle” of technology, “stupidity” of human error, “bliss” of carrying a life within a human body and the “heavenly feeling” of becoming parents.

Music is a Big Negative for me (Though it's album is a hit), There was only one Original which came at last and Stop this Punjabi Obsession Bollywood! Enough of this Punjabi influence on Bollywood, it's rare to get a Proper Hindi Album nowadays, last album I remember was Kabir Singh which had no Punjabi Influence and it is the Biggest Hit Album of last year. We can understand Punjabi Music has a upper hand on Bollywood music at the moment but I don't think half of the country even understand songs on first attempt. I miss the Old Bollywood which had soulful lyrics to murmur.

Akshay Kumar as Varun has done a commentable performance, as the middle aged man. Good to see him again in a comical role, after his patriotic stints.
Kareena Kapoor Khan as his wife did a good job, her emotional breakdown enumerating the hardness of the lady, during a gestational period and how husbands are just onlookers during that period, was enlightening.
Diljit and Kiara as the Punjabi couple, entertained us well.

Why it worked?

A rib tickling comedy of exchange of "swimmers" who were mistakenly planted into wrong "universe".
This romcom captures the pulse of the life of urban couples who struggle to strike a balance between their professional clock and their biological clock and deal with the dogma of relentless societal and peer pressure to perform which turns fornication from being recreational to being functional.
Particularly two scenes catch the viewers eyes and triggers the emotion. One of those scenes is Deepu Batra's (Kareena Kapoor Khan) outburst while narrating the Pregnant woman's physical and mental difficulties and the other one is, Varun Batra (Akshay Kumar) who mentally disassociated himself from the 'to be born' baby, growing in his wife's womb, which is not from his sperm, bursts out with tears while watching the half dead baby, born from his sperm to another couple. The last parts of the movie gives you goosebumps if you have experienced parenthood or expecting to have one.
The frustrations of the childless couple is discussed well, as comical interludes.
Sperm mix-up at the IVF centre, even though handled lightly, was meant for the audience's entertainment.

Rating: 3.25/5* Recommended

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