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Megastar & Akshay Kumar?


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No. Only actors who give one hit in three years can be called superstars.

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Hahahah nice one!!! Aamir Khan will only have 1 hit in 4 years as lal singh chadha will not clash with bachchan pandey!!! It will get delayed


Do let me know how many hits of Akshay can fit in Dangal's lifetime collections. :D

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Yesss.....but if the parameter is only the chindi hits......Because HGOTY, ATBB, Blockbuster, 2.16cr ff, 30cr Opener, 80cr Weekend, 210cr Lifetime, 2.16cr ff etc aren't going to be achieved by biggest superstar Akshay kumar even in his next 6 births(rofl)(rofl)

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Is that God or Kowsigan or White crow speaking ?


Whoever speaks let's enjoy it. It's time to revive the forum back in a big way.


Just to remind you, you've been told by Suhas as well. Be Kowsigan. Not your fake account persona. If that's what you want to be, then be ready for your account to be deleted.


Even this account as Kowsigan itself fake now. He left it to me way before. He is no more going to be active. I am a new avatar. I came as GOD but you blocked me. I like to know the reason. What I did wrong? Now you threatening to delete this account too without reason. I am not violating the rules. I am talking about the box office with some jokes. That's all. If I fight harshly with anybody then block me. But don't do it without reason.
I like to change the name of this account.

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Like Housefull 4, Kesari this year.


Yup ..
Bharat 197cr - semi hit
Mission mangal 193cr super hit
Race 3 - 167cr - above avg
Kesari - 150+ cr Hit ...


So what? Theatre owners and distributors making good profit. Atlast good profit is matter.

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Not just superstar. He will be MEGASTAR too.

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lol for our ignorance?

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Yes he do stand a chance as long as his movies deliver what they promise.

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But to be a superstar, an actor should give only one hit in 3-4 years and that too on Christmas only which Akshay can never achieve.


That way Akki might never be even a star....
Happy times for people here...

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