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Good Newwz is heading for a decent advance in the 6-7 crore nett range which should give it a good to decent start at the box office and then it can really get going over the weekend. It should get among the top ten advances of the year depending on the sales today. The advance is lesser than the other Akshay Kumar starrers of the year but the film is not as big as a Housefull 4 and Kesari and it does not have that big holiday release like a Mission Mangal.



If we compare with Housefull 4 then the advance will actually be better at the high end multiplexes but lesser elsewhere but that film was hit hugely by a pre Diwali weekend and only got going from Monday onward. The high end advance will also be better than Kesari. The Akshay Kumar factor and the music of the film are the plus points but the subject is such that the mass and family audience in the Hindi belts will be limited for the film. The big metros is where the film should really collect and its a favorable period for these big metros till the New Year holiday. If the film can get support from the multiplexes of A centres like Jaipur, Surat, Lucknow etc over the weekend then the year should end with a HIT.



The best market for the area will be Delhi NCR and that area is still hit by the issues of last week regarding the citizenship bill. its not as extreme as last weekend but there have been issues since the advance of Good Newwz opened and this could have a hit it little. Delhi NCR being normal by Friday will help the cause of the film. the film has the potential to be one of the biggest films Overseas as its mainly about Gulf this year but this film can potentially do big numbers in UK, US/ Can and Australia though a promotion push could have helped extra.
Source Link: https://boxofficeindia.com/report-details.php?articleid=5746
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Does Not Have Holiday Release?

Abe Christmas Week Chal Raha Hai Be

Akshay Fans Toh Christmas Ke 1 Hafte Pehle Se Hi Holiday Chillane Lag Jaate Hain

6 Cr Ka Advance Decent Hai?

But But 40th Film Of The Year For Akshay

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Last sentence toh pado(giggle)


Hahaha Padha (poolparty)


BOI ki hisab se ye highest grosser in overseas for 2019 pakka(dance)

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Akki giving hit after hit after hit. He's finally dethroned the invaders and planted his own flag on Bollywood

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Go and worship megastar tiger shroff who gave your flop actor hgoty(giggle)


Nice try. But can get better. :D

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Abhi se chaplushi suru

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Even an openog of 15 cr will be superb. Reviews are good till now so another hit is loading for Akki.

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king of north will bring people in the theatres even during protests something which bhai could not do

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Tier 2 superstar.. becoming
tier 1 superstar finally

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Good newwz for Akshay haters.

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