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What i remember about this Bollywood song is that whole song goes on with Hero singing and making girl happy with girl showing no sign of interest as usual, at the end Heroine also responds with same passion and all spot boys after listening to Heroine's bold reply say in awe as ''yeh to ladki bhi chaalo hai'' and then song ends with one or two more lines.

I used this line somewhere few hours ago and it is stuck in my mind, but can't figure out which song it is.

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Thunder Box Office, always there to help you out.
We just want your support and thanks, pleasure helping you.
Team TBO.

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Hahahahahahhahah...........thankfully Abhishek was in my mind as a spot boy........hahahahahaah.......thanks TB, proud of you, an ex-King fan


Ex King, Now Emperor fan, thank you very much :) :)




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