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Mujhe bhi, DM dude.


Me too ...........


Mam ne sultan ke liye Kohli se break up bhi karwa liye the(giggle)
Aaj kohli couple goal ki baatein karte hain unko pata nahi ki kitni baar already goal ho chuka hai.


unko pata nahi ki kitni baar already goal ho chuka hai LMAO (giggle)

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Salman is back on track
Aamir is back on track

SRK is semi back as he has rejecyed 20+ scripts which means he's atleast readinh scripts but all his progress went down the drain when he chose Raj Dk out of those 20 scripts to be his next.

Wanted him to do SPS, but he's busy choosing flop directors, it had hurt me more than Zero.

There are only 2 khans now.

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Bass srk aake Blockbuster dede.. fir batata terko :D


Well there are still 3 khnas juat the thing is thwir time is over SRK-Salman are done Aamir still has a chance with LSC

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if thats true...... there is 0% chance of him saying no...... absolutely zero percent.... salman khan likes every script that is sent to him lol .... i swear.... at least 90% of the times....because after script is sent to him...and he changes the whole thing to by himself ...
farah khan making movie for salman khan..... lol good..... you know what i am thinking.

BTW i always knew HR is not stupid enough to do satte pe satta remake with farah khan..... i have always been vocal about this

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Salman-Anushka are not on good terms but why??

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