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A little perspective on Don (2006).

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Watching Don (2006), it's actually noticable how much of mannerisms Don actually showed when he was posing as Vijay posing as Don.

You could see his behaving like him, speaking like him, acting like him and many other details.

"For example if you look closely, Don when went to visit the school of Deepu, he did not recognized him at first and was surprised when he came to him, only when he calls him Vijay chacha, he gets hold of tge situation. And then him being clever as he is, managed the situation excellently".

"Also he was about to tell truth to Roma when thry faught but Boman Irani arrived just at time" and many more like these.

It's fun finding clues which were all over the movie.

Had it not been the remake, maybe many eagle eyes viewers or even those who watch movies closely could have called the bluff but it being a remake caught everyone off-guard with the ending.
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Don has been made with some great standards. Even today most Bollywood movies cannot match it's production values. That mid-air fight scene alone is enough to compete with current action movies.

I like the movie a lot more than Don 2.

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wow watched this film multiple times but never noticed it
will re watch it even more closely

by Casting Director (16.6k points)
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I never liked the first part. And I had seen Jaaneman instead of this at that time.

by Mega Star (225k points)

I'm not talking about liking or disliking.

I'm talking about constant clues about Don being Don pread in whole movie, like Farhan was telling everyone the truth but no one could guess that.

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aaahh who cares... didnt even watch it once... Don 2 though was something else

by Assistant Director (53.8k points)

Yeah kids tend to be uninformed.. let an adult enlighten you... RAEES ran away

Sultan stayed


It's disappointing that you played right into the hands of a Ranveer fan instigating violence.


But I like this... Its a fresh change... Saar ke fans se argue kar ke level kam ho raha tha


anybody forgot Dilwale Vs Bajirao?