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Was he a star,a big star or a superstar? Pls write a long answer
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Greatest Showman of Indian Cinema , in a league of his own

In 40s and 50s decade he has 4 All time Grossers as actor and 6 mega blockbusters as a director overall around 7 or 8 gargantuan level blockbusers which were among the top 3 biggest hit of the decade from 40s to 80s

Pat of trio of superstar in 50s with Dilip Kumar and Dev Anand , founded Legendary RK Studios at just 23/24

Virtually composed the music of his movies , No other filmamaker has music even close what he had in his movies

Most importantly he was a very influential figure in Indian Cinema with a legacy too big to follow ,occupying a pedestal higher than anyone else will in future in Indian Cinema

My 3 favourite movies are Mera Naam Joker Awaara and SANGAM

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The Greatest Showman of Indian Cinema , his movies used to complete golden jubilees in even south cities like Chennai and Hyderabad let alone north belt

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Great actor
Great songs
Big star as actor
Greatest director
Great Rishi's father
Karishma's grandfather

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Megastar and greatest director.

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Overacting ki dukaan :)

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Intense: sure I will watch more of his work....mera naam hai joker is in my hitlist anyways.....regarding Andaaz, yaar koi limit hoti hai overacting ki bhi...i am not exaggerating but meray sir mein waqaye dard wala hisaab tha Raj Kapoor ki acting dekh kr.....aik jgah hai Andaaz mein jahan saanp ajata hai....i guess koi gaana tha....ab sahi trha yaad nhn 10 saal pehlay dekhi thi....us saanp wali jgah par mera literally sir dard wala scene hogya tha....kuch film ka qasoor hoga, lekin zyada Raj kapoor ki acting ka.....khair....i understand k aik film mein character ki tone he itni over the top set hojati kabhi kabhi actor sy k manage krna mushkil....lekin uskay baad mera Raj Kapoor ki koi film dekhnay ka khaas dil nhn keya.....lol.....Dilip, Guru Dutt, Amitabh, Dev Anand, Balraj Sahni....inki and some other works i have seen in last 10 years...lekin Raj Kapoor ki nhn....but i will soon try


Nithin: guru g.....aap mjhe smjhayein gy ab acting??......wah wah......just a touch....i used to maintain files with actors and their mistakes.....loudness, calmness....their mannerisms....old films...new films....bollywood acting vs Hollywood acting.......kabhi Pakistan ka chakr lagay meray bhai ka to ana meri taraf.....live notice board par aapko smjhaon ga k acting kya hoti hai.....aik aik scene jo meray bhai k smjh mein na aya ho.......so just chill nithin....chill


lol pakistan ,

leave hollywood ,time magazine would not have seen pakistani masterpieces else they would have considered a pakistan actor instead of raj japoor in awara in their all time top 10 list

btw for raj kapoor performances start with teesri kasam jagte raho awaara or rather continue with your obvious stupidity


where did I say I will teach you about Pakistani films?....no my dear friend....I will teach you about Bollywood and Hollywood......just told you to make a visit to Pakistan....kyunki main aa nhn skta....busy hn zra :D

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