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Dabangg 3 Second Day Estimates

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Dabangg 3 (Hindi) is looking to collect in that same range of 22- 24 crore nett in day two. The collections may have a negligible rise or a negligible fall unless there are theaters running the film today which shut up post 5pm yesterday which could give some better growth but that will not really be the film showing growth but just extra screenings. This scenario is unlikely anyway as the the problems with the protests and law and order issue still exists in most places.



The two day numbers of the film will probably be around 45 crore nett which is a low number for this film. If these problems did not exist then a 55-58 crore nett number over two days would have been pretty good. Delhi / UP is the area which is worst hit and unluckily this is also where the film is probably being like most especially UP. It is being reported that there have been 16 deaths in UP over this issue so that sort of tells how bad the situation is in that state. This are alone has lost around 3 crore nett over the two days.



There is Sunday and to come and it should show some solid growth as the film is being liked more in the Hindi belt and thats where the Sunday growth comes but with the law and order problem you cant be certain that a good jump will come on Sunday. The film itself is not up to the mark especially for the bulk of the multiplex audience but what has really it had bad are these external factors. In a normal scenario it would not be doing blockbuster numbers but they would be good numbers for sure.
in BOI Update by Executive Producer (66.1k points)

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In a normal scenario it would not be doing blockbuster numbers but they would be good numbers for sure.

Told ya, even if you take out protests, i don't think that it would stop though 30 crs on friday and even Saturday (based on final numbers), it just wasn't looking good enough from trailer.

But then Salman fans here got aggressive on anyone who tried to tell them that trailer and songs aren't upto the mark, because dare anyone say anything true in midst of all fans going crazy.

Trailer isn't good - Shut Up hater, don't do negativity.
Munna Badnaam Hua is laziness - Shut Up hater, it is chartbuster.
Songs aren't good - Shut Up hater, they are beautiful.

Shuo Up, hater, Shut Up hater..... Ab karlo Shut Up gater.

by All Time best! (268k points)
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Maximum Salman fans agree kar rahe the including me.
Ulta hola saheb maja le rahe the 40cr opening ka.
Even I expected 30cr opening, which was given without protest

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Dabangg 3 is the weakest film in the franchise and audiences might reject the film

by Costume designer (1.2k points)

Ghanta weakest..This is much better than part 2 and at par part1 ..Only negative point is songs

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150cr lifetime from the looks of it.........................

by Mega Star (225k points)

Thank You Salman Khan

So will Dabangg 3 fold under 175 cr now looking at the scenario?
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Bad release time.Should have released on 25th december

by Production Accountant (23.8k points)
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lol true fans have lot of hardwork to do now..... loads of hours gonna be spent by them to defend this movie's underperformance...... the true fans who were convinced it'll do 40cr opening day or close to it.... and those trollers who were predicting 40cr + opening day non holiday for dabangg 3 while everyone thought of them as supporting dabangg3 ..... but i knew their real face.....
true fans -
dabangg advance opens day 1 - earth shattering response
day 3 - every cinema is full...evidence...screenshot
day 5 - its low because it opened late lol ironic

and now....from the day 1 to its boxoffice end..... their hardwork in defending the boxoffice ..... working days ahead true fans...... lol

by Super-star (198k points)
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58cr nett over 2 days, and 42cr real value Sunday. Congrats Salman fans, it's a 100cr opening.

But Dabangg 3 title hi 100cr ka hai. Isski ginti 100cr ke baad se shru hogi.

by Editor (81.9k points)
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lol i cant believe it is trending like zero
115-130 now and below average verdict but in reality its a flop

by Casting Director (16.6k points)

Not flop jordan Disaster like Zero. First sequel to achieve this......


@santosh i meant low opening followed by no growth on saturday
@kashyap zero is a disaster as is toh as is d3 but boi is very leinient in their verdicts towards big budget movies


You mean to say this violence ia nothing? Its has no impact on dabangg3 collection?


it is affecting the movie atleast 20-30% but it would not have become a big grosser even without the protests except for single screens the film is received negatively in all other places

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