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Dabangg3 is the best Salman starrer since Sultan, it's a wellmade masala entertainer
My Ratings for All Bhai FDFS movies
Kick 3
Bajrangi 4.5

Prdp 1.5
Sultan 3.5

Tubelight 1.5
Tzh 3

Race3 1
Bharat 2

Full review will be edited by weekend

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Bro, what is your lifetime prediction for the movie after seeing it?


Could have predicted if not for protests.
6 people died today in up only, hard to to assume how much protests will affect.
Let's see if things cool down during weekend.


What are all the movies you consider as Masala movie after Sultan ?

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Its best entertainer this decade for Salman..For me its better than bajrangi bhaijaan..Release period hampered otherwise its sure shot 300cr grosser..

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What happened? For bajarangi south movie thrashed it and people preferred it.
Sultan and TZH nothing as far as i remember( ya bad content) u can't add that


What happen to dangal??mai Nepal me hokar India k new notes exchange kar k india tour par tha dangal release time pe..ghanta ka demonitization effect


I myself was stuck in Patna due to cash crunch............

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