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3 Khans Have Been Biggest Superstars And Most Successful Actors Of Modern India Having Huge Pan India Popularity And Long List Of Major Box Office Benchmarks, They Have Delivered Many Memorable Films And Characters In Their Career And Have Achieved Many Prestigious Honours.

They Have Had 25-30 Odd Years Of Stardom

With 20-30 Odd Hits And 10-15 Odd Blockbusters

But The Question Is What Lies In Future For Them?

They Should End Their Career With 25 Plus To 40 Plus Hits And 15-20 Odd Blockbusters With 30-40 Odd Years Of Stardom In 1st Innings And Then 10-20 Years In 2nd Innings As Character Actors In Normal Scenario And Then Forever Be Celebrated As Personalities Who Are Among The Greatest Of Indian Cinema.

But Considering The Hatred That We See For The Khans Today Can They Actually Fulfill Their Full Potential And More Importantly Be Loved And Respected For Years And Decades Even After They Retire?

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A legacy that is inspirational, our film industry may/may not fall victim to the constant brainwashing but there will always be vast number of people who will have deaf ears to such repugnant provocations of the----'s billious message.

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Seeing the current scenario, they would be remembered as evil foreign invaders who destroyed cinema.

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And Akshay As Brave 'Indian' Who Fought Against Them To End Their Rule Over Bollywood Which Lasted For 3 Decades (poolparty)


Yup. Sir fought valiantly and marched the flag proud and high. From Kriti Sanon to Kriti Kharbanda to Kiara Advani, Sir has empowered many.


Hahahah (rofl) (clap)

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