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So Now Ranbir Has Also Started Having Low Volume Of Films Like Aamir And Hrithik, Shahrukh Might Be Next

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Aamir Khan Is Trendsetter Of This Poor Trend Of Having Low Volume Of Films- He Had Atleast 1 Film Per Year From 1988-2001 But Then His Volume Started Comming Down After He Took 2 Years Break In 2002-03 Due To Divorce After Resuming Work He Did 12 Films From 2004-2017 And Will Have 3 Films From 2018-2021.

This Trend Was Taken Forward By Hrithik Roshan- He Had Atleast 1 Film Per Year From 2000- 2004 And Then He Took A Break And Since Then His Volume Started Comming Down As He Did 13 Films In Next 16 Years* (Assuming No Film In 2020)

Now Ranbir Kapoor Is Latest Entrant To This Club- He Did Atleast 1 Film Per Year From 2007-2013 And Then His Volume Started Comming Down As He Started Taking Breaks, He Did 5 Films In Next 7 Years* (Assuming Brahmastra In 2021)

Shahrukh Khan Who Had A Very Good Volume Till Now Doing Atleast 1 Film From 1992-2018 Also Seems To Be Going That Way, He Has Taken 2 Years Break And Even After That It Seems He Would Be Having 1 Film Per Year.

Difference In All These Cases Is That Unlike Aamir Who Reached At The Peak Of His Stardom When He Reduced His Volume After 1995, Other Actors Haven't Been Able To Do So Which Means What Worked For Aamir Isn't Working For Them And Vice Versa!

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well I certainly hope SRK doesn't follow suit. He deserves a break after working continuously for 26 years. Not just that, in the break time, he still has ads to shoot, TED talks, other interviews, public appearances, production work, and a lot of stuff.

But I hope that once he actually reruns to shooting, he starts releasing around 3 movies in 2 years. Reports do suggest that he will be shooting his next 2 movies together.

BTW SRK's pace slowed down from 2007 onwards.

In 2008 he had just 1 movie, that too more than 1 year after his last. In 2009 it was just an extended cameo. In early 2010 he had 1 movie and then after 1.5 years wait he had 2 movies released in a span of 2 months. After that around 10 months for JHTJ. Another 10 months for CE. More than a year for HNY. More than a year for Dilwale.

After that he had more volume in 2016 and 17 mostly due to movies getting delayed and long shooting processes. But once again he took around 16 months for Zero. So in general over the last decade he has already reduced volume to 1 movie per year. Hope that increases.

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Yes I Agree After 2007 His Volume Has Come Down Similar To Aamir's After 1995, Just Highlighted 2018 And 2001 For Them Bcz After That They Took Break And Broke Chain Of Atleast 1 Film Per Year And Since Then Their Volume Went Further Down!

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general laziness, perfection, taking a break from movies etc
anything can be the reason for this...
I'm happy that Salman is more active than ever

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Actually Salman's Volume Has Also Come Down In This Decade (Around 15 Films Compared To 30 Odd Films In 1990s And 2010s Decade) But Thats Normal Volume, Inafct Salman Has Best Working Style (6 Films In 4 Years) He Lies Between Aamir's (3 Films In 4 Years) And Akshay's Working Style (12 Films In 4 Years), Neither High Nor Low Volume!

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