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Aamir Khan is one of the most adored actors from Bollywood, and there is no doubt that he has a massive fan following. However, recently, this admiration proved to be a hassle at Bada Bagh in Jaisalmer where the actor was shooting for his film Laal Singh Chaddha.

Upon learning that Aamir was shooting in their small zilla, the news spread like a wildfire among the locals who assembled at the location to catch a glimpse of the actor. They further refused to move till they saw him, and the shoot was disrupted till then.

“Aamir personally came out, greeted his fans and even spoke to them in detail. He told them that he had to shoot and that they could also watch the shoot, but only if they dispersed and stood at a distance. The fans were elated when Aamir spoke to them and gleefully stepped aside to watch the perfectionist film for his movies,” says a source

After already completing the shoot in Chandigarh and Amritsar, Aamir will now continue to shoot in Jaisalmer before heading to three towns in Jodhpur — Rohitgarh, Bhadrachur, and Siwana to film his next few scenes for the remake of Forrest Gump that is being helmed by Advait Chandan.
Source Link: Deccan Chronicle
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He's blessed with popularity all across the country.

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'Aamir Fans' thats like Alien spotted. A rare phenomenon and which is actually debatable whether it was actually alien or something else.

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Still Aamir Has A More Successful Career At The Box Office Than Shahrukh Khan How Shameful Is That


Define successful..... Also you agree with my answer with your comment.


Its A Known Fact That In Terms Of Fan Following Shahrukh Is Ahead Of Aamir And In Terms Of Box Office Aamir Is Ahead Of Shahrukh, Cant Disagree On That But You Saying That Aamir Doesn't Has Fans Is Like Me Saying Shahrukh Doesn't Has Major Box Office Benchmarks, Not True


Here Is The Definition You Asked For

Films- Aamir 45, Srk 62







All Circuit Record Breaker With 1 Film- AAMIR 1, SRK 0

Record Distributor Share- Aamir 5, Shahrukh 1

1 Cr Footfalls- Shahrukh 31, Aamir 24

2 Cr Footfalls- Aamir 10, Srk 9

3 Cr Footfalls- Aamir 7, Srk 3

4 Cr Footfalls- Srk 1, Aamir 1

Hits- Srk 27, Aamir 19

Blockbusters- Srk 10, Aamir 10

Highest Single Days- Aamir 7, Shahrukh 7

Record Opening- Aamir 6, Srk 6

Bumper Opening- Srk 16, Aamir 9

Highest Opening Of Decade- Aamir 1, Srk 0

Biggest Opening Of Decade- Aamir 1, Srk 1


Thats your definition of being successful. It doesn't take consistency into account. Where was Aamir between 1996 to 2006. Between Raja Hindustani and Dil, there is no major successful film from Aamir Khan. Its only after 2008,he has got the rhythm, still he did 1 movie in 2 years to achieve perfection, which is not a bad thing. Which proves he is more dependant on his script snd his ability as a filmmaker than stardom.


Its Not Just Mine Definition Its Absolute Fact That Im Stating Taking Into Consideration All Kinds Of Factors Of Box Office

As Regards Consistency Aamir Has Been Among The Most Consistent Stars Industry Has Ever Seen

From 1996- 2006 Aamir Delivered 7 Clean Hits Out Of 12 Films Including An All Time Blockbusters

You Dont Know Definition Of Major Successful Films- Major Success Means Hit Or Above From 1990-1996 Aamir Delivered 7 Successful Films Out Of Which 5 Were Clean Hits Which Includes 1 Atbb 2 Blockbusters 1 Super Hit 1 Hit

Aamir After 1995 Has Delivered Just 2 Outright Flops From Feature Films And None Of His Feature Films As Lead Have Taken Less Than Good Opening Except Average Opener Dil Chahta Hai

Besides Since 2006 All His Films As Lead Have Taken Excellent And Bumper Opening Except Good Opener Talaash, He Hasn't Delivered Any Outright Flop Since Then Infact 8 Out Of His 9 Feature Films From 2006-2016 Have Been Hits Which Includes 5 Industry Hits

1 Film In 2 Years?

Aamir From 1995- 1999 Delivered 1 Hit Per Year Including A Blockbusters And An Atbb

From 2006-2009 He Delivered 5 Back To Back Hits Including 2 Industry Hits Which Came Within Span Of 1 Year
From 2013-2016 He Again Delivered 3 Back To Back All Time Blockbusters Which Includes 2 All Time Blockbusters Which Came Within Span Of 1 Year

Everyone Is Dependent On Script Without Good Script No One Can Give Even A Clean Hit Thats Why Shahrukh Fans Keep Crying That Shahrukh Is Not Getting A Good Script So He Is Not Giving Hit For More Than Half A Decade, Hasnt Seen 3 cr Footfalls Since More Than One And A Half Decade, Hgoty Since More Than A Decade and Atbb since More Than 2 Decades

As Regards Stardom- Aamir Khan Has Achieved 2 Rare Distinction- He Became An Overnight Star And Then Went On To Become A Big Superstars, Achieving Even 1 Is A Big Achievement And Here He Achieved Both, He Will Have Around 10 Years Stardom Span More Than Shahrukh (Record Stardom Span) And Superstardom Span Will Be At Par With Him

Also If You Want To See How Far Aamir Can Take His Flop Films With Stardom Check It Yourself By Comparing It With Successful Films Of Shahrukh

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Release ko abhi 1 saal se jyada time bacha hai phir vi abhi se publicity on his insecurity

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Kuch Bhi Mat Bol, Aamir Always Does Least Publicity For His Films Still Breaks Opening To Lifetime Records!


Least publicity!! my foot!! Khud woh samajk khush re.. reality mai aamir se jyada publicity koi actor nahi karta puri film industy mai


Abe Faltu Bakwaas Mat Kar, Aamir Sabse Kam Promotion Karta Hai
Na Reality Shows Mei Jaata Hai Na Dusre TV Shows Mei Jaata Hai Na, Na City Tours Pe Jaata Hai, Na Malls Mei Jaata Hai Aur Interviews Bhi Kam Deta Hai Facts Ke Basis Pe Baat Kiya Kar Tu


Mai aamir ki promotion ki baat nahi karraha..uski movie ki promotion ki baat karraha hu..sirf khud reality show mai jane se hi publicity hoti hai kisne kaha tuje?

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