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Nothing wrench my heart as much as Climax of this movie does, it was beyond all legendary climaxes for me including Lagaan, Bajrangi.
It connected me emotionally, it was the movie that actually made masses crazy about Salman.
This fanfollowing was always there, he was just ignoring it and then wanted happened and he never fall back again.
Cult music album, Cult movie, Cult performance and one of the best movie in their career respectively.

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Tere naam made me his diehard fan the ever green music, the swag & hairstyle on the above one of his best performance, i got emotionally connected to his character of a tough guy with good heart ...
I think the sad climax restricted this movie's box office run ..

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The most painful scene of all time. That look back from Salman before entering the van... Always gets to me.

It would be an ATBB if released today. People didn't realize it's value back then.

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Na. Film is too sad & tragic to score huge at the box office.

Also imagine how the film would be ripped apart.

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