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That's why he deserve the respect for what he achieve for first no big banner sign him for 16-17 years of his career , YRF didn't pay him for Dil to pagal hai when he went to ask for payment Yash Chopra said that they work with him is enough and today the same YRF sign him for one of their biggest historical war drama prithviraj, Dharma production won't sign him for 25years and now every year there is a film of Dharma with Akshay , the man travel a journey by his own hardwork with so many small films in 90s just for survivor with a simple principle of keep going and today he reach the hights by his dedication and hard work.

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agreed............. he has earned all this with sheer hardwork and passion


They (big directors) went to the people who deserved. You see, it's not that only the Khans were around. There were the Kapoors and the others. I presume I didn't deserve it, so I earned it my way says
That's why this man is here ,he face the rejection in the best possible way.


Yes everything aside.. his achievements are something to br proud of.. for a total outsider to pull this off.. he had everything and gave his everything for it..

He deserves all the success he's got


He's a self made man just like SRK. Unlike the latter he had no support from the big camps, I respect him for that.

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Hmmm, now he's working with the biggest director. Koi nahi, ye new/chote directors ke saath bhi hit/super hit de deta hai.

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Hit machine Akshay kumar deserves respect....

by Production Designer (14.7k points)
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That is very honest of him.

by Mega Star (226k points)
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First Time I Respect Akshay Kumar Just For His Honesty......

by Assistant Director (52.2k points)

Well said akki ..

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