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Consistency Of Aamir Khan

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After 1995 Only 2 Feature Films Of Aamir Have Been Outright Flops, Both Are Among Highest Grossing Films Of The Year And Have Taken Bumper Opening At Box Office.

Also After 1995 None Of His Feature Film In Lead Role Have Taken Less Than Good Start Apart From Average Dil Chahta Hai.

Aamir Khan Has Been At His Peak After 1995, Not Just He Has Been Extremely Consistent But Also His Magnitude Of Success Has Been Phenomenal.

From His Debut In 1988- 1990 He Delivered 2 Blockbusters And A Blockbuster In 1995 As Well.

Only Bad Phase Of His Career Has Been From 1991-1994 There Also 3 Films Of Aamir Were Successful Including 2 Hits.

Overall He Has Delivered 15 Outright Flops In His Career And There Have Been Just 3 Years In Which He Delivered An Outright Flop Without Having Any Successful Film. In One Of Those Years He Gave An All Time Classic Film And In Rest 2- Bumper Openers Which Collectively Sold Close To 2 Cr Footfalls.

He Is Only Actor To Simultaneously Have Atbb, Multiple HGOTY, 3 Cr Footfalls Film, Film In Top 3 Biggest Hit Of The Decade For 3 Consecutive Decades And Blockbuster In 4 Consecutive Decades As A Star.

Only Drawback Of Aamir Is His Low Volume- Everything Was Fine From 1988 To 2001 When He Did Atleast 1 Film Per Year, But Since He Took 2 Years Break In 2002-03, Due To Personal Problems Like Divorce His Volume Has Gone Down.

From 2004- 2009: 6 Films, From 2010-2017: 6 Films, From 2018-2021: 3 Films!

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God of Cinema!...................................

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kindly explain how he is god of cinema?? idiots are running this site!!!!


idiot is a good term. watch 3 idiots for more.......

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