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Make way for new belt step by Megastar in Munna Badnaam Hua from Dabangg 3.

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Dabangg 3 could have avoided Habibi ke nain & yu karke ...


@Irdwhelp Habibi Ki Nain is that extra slow number. Anyways the film is a part prequel + part sequel. It is a good song & can't say no for a Shreya Ghoshal number. Won't comment on Yu Karke post video song. Prabhu didn't make Bhai dance in Hud Hud (Bhai didn't in the previous Dabangg title songs either), but he is going to dance in 2 numbers - Yu Karke & Munna Badnaam. Same as in part 1 (Humko Peeni Hai & Munni Badnaam) & part 2 (Pandeyji Seeti & Fevicol Se). Infact Bhai went all out for Pandeyji Seeti song with his dancing, hope Prabhu makes do the same to some extent here.

Expectations for Prabhu-Salman combo in terms of dancing is more on Radhe. There were 4 dance numbers in Wanted & Salman excelled in 3 of them - Jalwa, Love Me & Le Le Mazaa Le. One film with so many dance numbers is all I expect. I never figured out the existence of Tose Pyaar Karte Hai Gori in Wanted & I would like to think of the same about Yu Karke in Dabangg 3. It's laughable how they thought Tose Pyaar Karte Hai could be able equivalent to Devudaa from Telugu Pokiri & Vayasunamy from Tamil Pokkiri. Even Sakkathagavle from Kannada Porki was better.


Tose pyar karte hain was a time waste ..
Don't know why Ishq vishq didn't get played on when Wanted air's on Tv .. my most favourite song Videowise as Bhai looked so young with a killer look sporting short hairs ..
Jalwa is once in a lifetime kind of experience where you see Salman dance so well i mean he danced straight from his heart followed by Love me ...


Nice one. . ..

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Fastest 100K Likes on Bollywood Movie Song.

  1. MunnaBadnaamHua - 38min
  2. JaiJaiShivShankar - 42min
  3. Ghungroo - 57min
  4. SlowMotion - 58min
    Despite the release of Audio long before.
    Regarding the video
    Watching Megastar Salman Khan in his elements is enough.
    This song will create hysteria in single screens.
    Baap aa raha

CHARTBUSTER Munna Badnam Hua...!!!

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Biggest Chartbuster Song Of The Year.....

2010 - Munni Badnam Hui (Item Girl Songs Start)

2019 - Munna Badnam Hua (New Era Begins With Item Boy Song)

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Best song of the decade!!!

by Production Accountant (23.8k points)
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Chulbulness at its best

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Yeahhhhhh babyyyyyyyyyyy!!!

I was smiling all the way through... This is the Salman Khan I wanted

6/10 for execution here

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Biggest chart buster of the decade is loading mahn its way too good simply outstanding now 35-40cr opening is on the cards

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Best part was when the king of Dance shake the leg with Salman & then Salman did that Veena step after doing a flip ...

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Song is good but this new girl is no match to kareena or malaika tbh

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Bollywood music is dead literally dead

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Bhai its the video song


Yeah the video of the audio here the video is saved bcoz of Salman but overall bollywood music is dead bro thats the reality

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WTF. Warina is wasted in this song. And choreography is bad. Vaibhabi has done a bad job.

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Time to cleanse my mind, here's the real deal, you know the song that is really joyful rather than a sad attempt to recapture the magic, utter failure.

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Why read, that was school time, you should've seen the reaction, this and SKJ, enjoyment.

I mean back in 2010, who had the time to know about box office, collections, trade etc. Just normal people doing normal things.


This is the GOAT item song boy the craze the madness around this song man i miss those days everything was so simple


Well it had a controversy with the word Zandu balm by that company & later got compensation for using the same ..


2 controversies. One was Zandu Balm.

The other one was pre-release. The use of the word "Hindustan" which was changed to "Gulistan" in Munni Badnaam Hui song. Although in Fevicol Se the use of "Saare India ko" was let off without any fuzz. Hypocrisy.