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San Andreas budget was 780cr and sahoo buget was 350cr.

But Vfx wise sahoo was not even 5% of san andreas.

Where is all the money going ?are we spening too much money on vfx specialist and action directors from foriegn?
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It doesn't solely depends on money you spent. Director and vfx manager should have the vision and some level of expertise then technical standard of vfx team.


When did San Andreas became a good movie?

I don't see the returns. And you don't need San Andreas level vfx coz vfx alone doesn't sell any movie.

And not to forget majority vfx artist in Hollywood films are Indians & are working for Indian companies to which the job is outsourced.


Just to point out that ₹780cr spent on a film in USA is basically ₹150cr Approx in India due to PPP, just going by movie ATP around ₹175cr.

Also to point out ₹780cr is just cost of production of San Andreas, after including participation, release cost, etc budget would be ₹1500-1800cr Approx. An apple to apple comparison with ₹780cr will be ₹100cr C.O.P.

So it's not just about Money, effort is what required.

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San andreas itself was bad but yeah, we need that level of storytelling and the director's grip on the movie

Rajamouli was given the money and see what he made (though the vfx in bahubali 2 final battle was puke worthy). He captivated the human essence in the Bahubali series.

We need visionaries like Nolan, Spielberg, James Cameron, Whedon who can drive the movie and do justice to the investment. So far I have seen only some directors who at least have that hold over their stories such as Ali Abbas, Rajamouli, Shankar to name a very few and even they have faltered some times.

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After 3 years, you can expect such kind of films more.

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San Andreas wasn't even a good movie, firstly to make any comparisons also. Anyways in India, perhaps Rajamouli is the one who can do justice.

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