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Munna Badnaam Hua Teaser Song

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30th November gaana zaroor rewind hoga.

8 Answers

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Ladki Kadak Hai
Gaana Jabardast Hai
Bhai Is In Full Form As Chulbul Pandey

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Instant chartbuster!!!!!

by Production Accountant (23.8k points)
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Okk what's next ...makhi badnaam hua ???

by Production Designer (14.7k points)

That was Dabangg 2 right. Fevicol Se existed only to cheer up depressed lonely Makkhi. That's why the entire bit of Arbaaz dancing was shot there.

Call it gender equality. Har baar Munni hi kyun Badnaam ho? Waise the original Pakistani song lyrics is "Ladka Badnaam Hua, Haseena Tere Liye k".

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Biggest chartbuster of the year

by Producer (113k points)
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Same songs kitne baar chalaoge bhai. Tanishk Baghchi ka voot aa gaya kya.

by Producer (103k points)

Following the original version. It's like asking why Dhoom has the same title track. For Dabangg there are two, Hud Hud & this.

Why name Tanishk when there is actually Badshah rapping unnecessarily here?!


Tanishk, Badshah are just headache.


Tanishk is better when he is not remixing. But T-Series don't know how they're making him make so many despite criticism. Money isn't everything, hope he realises soon & takes a stand.

Badshah, well. I don't think Bollywood will even try realising. A Desi local bar item song would never had rap in it if Salman Khan had truly realised it. I don't see what makers see in it, I don't see what this new generation hears in rap. The last time I actually found the rap okay in a song was Kar Gayi Chull.


Badshah doesn't even rap these days. He just sings. His rap quality is pathetic.

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Very few songs are so much based in reality. Actually this song is around 17-18 years late.
Munna to late 90s and early 2000s me badnaam ho gaya tha.
Chalo der aaye, durust aaye.

by All Time best! (268k points)

You mean usse pehle yeh Munna wasn't famous/infamous in Bandra? You clearly haven't followed Munna properly.


There's difference between famous and Badnaam


Infamous.. clearly added it. Local Bandra boy, pretty obvious.

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if i was a single unemployed guy from a tier 2 or maybe 3 city
i would have liked this song too

by Casting Director (16.6k points)

A dumb 14 year who changed into Ranbir fan only coz SRK started giving flops lol typical millenial


haha take it easy guys
dont be so harsh on a child



You're a good sport boi

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Why Salman Bhai Why?

Kyu SRK ke nakshe kadam par chal rahe. Not in the context of doing experimental stuff or grandness that SRK's film has but in choosing script where both are believing that they can carry the whole film on their shoulder. Also green lighting any script just for the sake of doing more movies for their own production since they don't have to share the non theatrical rights whichbis huge nowadays and this is applicable mostly to Salman. Its more like 4-5 saal ka stardom bacha hain kamalo jitne paise isme.

Bhai ko bhi nahi ek do saal ka break na lena pade and then announcing a film with guys who directed films like Policegiri or Prasthanam. Even lowering the standard.

by Super-star (161k points)

D 3 will easily cross 250 cr,


@Karan you forgot Dabangg 3 script is by Salman Khan & he is also credited as co-screenplay writer.


@Seinfeld, 100cr isnt a big deal. Infant at 100cr it will be flop or below avg.Well SRK started destroying his career since he did Salman has just started and I hope he doesn't go that far.
@Rahul, I hope it does but from promos I don't think so.
@Suhas, Bhai darao mat. Dekhni hain Dabbang 3. If am not wrong he wrote the story of Veer and everyone knows what happened.


Veer trouble was not with the story.

Salman Khan usually gets inspired by older Hindi films or foreign films.. Be it Baaghi or Chandramukhi or Veer.

There aren't bad stories. It is the screenplay that determines the fate of the script. And with Prabhu on board, don't see anybody taking any risk. They'll play safe to the core.